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GPS Tracking Products

  • GPS Tracking Key Pro

    Needing only two (2) AA batterieis to operate, the GPS Tracking Key Pro has the ability to record approximately 100 hours of vehicle-in-motion travel activity.

  • GPS Tracking Key

    The top-selling GPS data logger of all-time, GPS Tracking Key will securely record every single location a motorist stops, recording the address of that location along with the amount of time they spent at the position.

  • Sync Tracker

    Sync Tracker, the next generation model of SilverCloud fleet tracking hardware, is a live GPS that connects to the on-board diagnostics computer of a any target automobile.

  • Spot Hug GPS

    Spot HUG GPS is easy to install upon any boat or large aquatic vehicles, making it easy to instantly locate and safeguard vessels. Spot HUG monitoring devices are ideal for boat owners looking to safeguard watercraft.

  • SilverCloud GPS

    SilverCloud GPS is the ultimate real-time GPS tracking device for companies seeking to improve efficiency of mobile assets, families in need of a auto-theft security solution and police agencies wanting a professional-grade GPS tracker capable of recording driving activity with precision and detail.

  • SilverCloud Tag GPS

    SilverCloud Tag is a personal tracking system designed specifically for helping parents keep track of their kids. What makes this GPS locator unique is the ultra-small design of the tracker, making it easy for students of any age to carry, keep in a pocket or tuck in a backpack.

  • GPS Tracking Bracelet

    GPS Tracking Bracelet is a real-time monitoring device engineered to enhance both family safety and personal security. Perfect for wandering senior citizens or children with disabilities, the personal locator is fashioned as a lightweight wristwatch that provides both historical and real-time locational information regarding the whereabouts of anyone wearing the GPS device!

  • GPS Sync Overdrive

    Sync Overdrive is the latest engineering marvel created to assist businesses with heavy duty vehicles or commercial automobiles get accurate real-time GPS tracking information regarding the driving activity of their fleets.

GPS Tracking Devices

GPS Trackers For Personal Applications

With an exclusive line of award-winning tracking devices, GPS Tracker Shop offers the management solutions to assist parents in monitoring newly licensed teenage drivers, families in overseeing senior safety of elderly loved ones or simply anyone looking to protect vehicles from theft. Explore the different live GPS tracking solutions that can update the location of a person, vehicle or asset as fast as every 3 seconds! See why our GPS data loggers are the preferred choice among law enforcement and government agencies, and why businesses all across the globe are calling upon our intuitive real-time GPS tracking hardware!

Car GPS Tracking: Set speed alerts to be notified by a text message or email if a teen driver is operating a vehicle at dangerous rates of speed.

GPS Auto Tracking: Live GPS devices that easily connect to a vehicle OBDii port to provide real-time updates on driver activity. GPS tracking data that can be accessed from a mobile phone, tablet or desktop computer! View cars as they move in real-time or use the historical playback feature that provides lifetime access to vehicle travel history.

Live Vehicle Tracking For Business

Real-Time Vehicle Tracking Solutions For Business Applications

Live Fleet Tracking Systems: Engineered and tested to meet the most stringent fleet management applications, our GPS locators allow businesses to view company vehicles in real-time while also giving fleet managers lifetime access to historical GPS tracking data! Providing comprehensive reports that break down mileage driven, speeds driven, travel direction, start/stop data and more, users can easily manage a small or large number of company vehicles all through our user-friendly, online mapping system. Real-time GPS tracking data can be accessed remotely using a iPad, iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Kindle, Android, Google Nexus, HTC One or any mobile device with Internet connection!

Boost Employee & Vehicle Efficiency: By utilizing a fleet management plan that calls upon GPS tracking devices, businesses large or small with company vehicles can evaluate employee driving activity, accurately document mileage and eliminate driving behaviors such as excessive vehicle idling that can hurt automotive maintenance, customer service and company profit. GPS Tracker Shop provides the hardware that can determine if company vehicles are being misused, the shortest routes are being selected or if employee time sheets are being manipulated. With various asset monitoring and fleet tracking devices designed for commercial vehicles, tow trucks or any type of service vehicles, let our team of proficient GPS experts take your company to the next level of efficiency with GPS tracking!

Auto Theft Security: Vehicle locator systems can protect all of your companies mobile assets. Monitor business vehicles 24/7 and be alerted if any automobiles are moved without authorization or are stolen. Easy to set geo-fences will allow businesses to create safe zones that will send email alerts and text message notifications if a vehicle moves outside the programmed safety zones. Don’t let your business operations be slowed down by theft! With GPS trackers securing your company vehicles, automobile theft will be a thing of the past!

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