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President Could Track Protesters

Trump Surveillance Let's be honest, everyone was a little shocked when television personality/business mogul/brash and sassy Donald Trump was able to pull out a win against Hilary Clinton in the United States Presidential election. Sure, Clinton was being investigated by the FBI, had a long history of questionable ethics and was about as charismatic as a rock, but Trump was probably worse. Trump attacked the media, used vulgar language and bullied his way to the White House even though he lost the popular vote. Unfortunately, the bullying and belittling of people that was the hallmark of Trump's campaign has already been seen in the first days of his Presidency, as he as taken to Twitter to make negative remarks about the women who protested Trump the day after the inauguration. With many more protests on the horizon, some are worried that Donald Trump could use some of his newly acquired domestic surveillance stratgies to spy on potential protesters or anyone in opposition of his agenda.

Intelligence and domestic spying was on a scale many Americans had no idea about until Edward Snowden revealed the depths of the domestic monitoring. From accessing the cameras on people's phones to the GPS tracking hardware in those same devices, Snowden showed that the intelligence community was really invading the privacy rights of Americans in the name of security. So the tools are certainly there for a man such as Donald Trump to spy on protesters or anyone who publicly criticizes the President and his agenda. The thought of a President wielding such powers is actually quite frightening but when a person looks more closely at the behavior of Donald Trump over the campaign trail and his first couple days of office the notion is not far-fetched at all. Let's take a look at some of the things he has said or tweeted and why those things should be a concern.

1. "Why didn't these people vote"

That is what Donald Trump said when talking about the hundreds of thousands of women who marched in solidarity against Trump. He minimized everything they were doing and insinuated that none of them voted. The Presidential move would have been to immediately address the situation and show respect for them acting out their Constitutional Rights. 

2. "Million or million and a half people"

Trump was informed that hundreds of thousands of more people atteneded the inauguration of President Obama and this statement reinforced his view that he is always the best and always right. Even in the face of clear evidence, Trump refused to believe anything other than his own narrative. 

3. "CNN is a total meltdown with their FAKE NEWS"

Trump has already set the ground work to attack journalists who report negative things about the administration or himself personally. If he is willing to attack credible news organizations and the people who work for them he most certainly might go after others such as protesters who engage in demonstrations against that administration. 

Domestic surveillance is something utilized to enhance national security but it is very possible Trump could utilize those same tools that include going through emails, social networking accounts, utilizing GPS tracking technology and more to go after those in opposition of the administration. This is a very frightening thought, but hopefully Congress, media and the American people will continue to hold him accountable for the things said and done. 

When Monitoring Goes Too Far

school-lunch Kids today are more overweight than ever before. Maybe it's the lack of exercise, increase in video game playing or possibly dietary choices. Maybe it's a combination of all those things and more. Although the cause for childhood obesity can be debated until the cows come home (no pun intended), what we do know is that the topic has become such a critical issue that it got the attention of the White House. More specifically, First Lady Michelle Obama who championed a program titled Healthy and Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010. Unfortunately, the measure which began rolling out in phases since 2012 completely changed the National School Lunch Program to a point where today a high school in Minnesota has been forced to absurdly monitor condiments. Most people have never heard of the city Sartell in Minnesota, but lately one high school in that city has been making news headlines because of rules saying students can select 2 packs of BBQ sauce, 3 packs of tomato ketchup or a single pack of mayo. This might seem like good micromanagement to the point of absurdity but it's no laughing matter due to strict condiment quotas based on federal regulations created to create oversight of student calorie, fat, sugar and sodium intake. Interestingly enough, since food started being monitored more students have been bringing their lunches to school. This is also partly due to one requirement stating a student must have a fruit or vegetable with their school lunch regardless if they eat it. As you can probably guess many of these healthy foods are being wasted. So why does it seem like students are making every effort to avoid healthy foods? Maybe a school district official said it best when he exclaimed that students simply love mini corn dogs. But those can't be served everyday because of the new health guidelines. In fact, with the implementation of healthier foods and monitoring of student food intake the net result has been less students participating in food programs. Also, some schools have been on record stating many of the healthy food options have ended up in trash cans. This actually impacts school revenue and has many high schools across the country upset about the new changes. Currently, school snacks cannot exceed 200 calories and regular lunches cannot have more than 850 calories. Another issue that many school districts are having is the one size fits all approach. For example, most athletes require more calories than there non-active counterparts, but the food program changes do not take this into consideration. Football players, tennis players, golfers, or anyone engaged in sport will burn more calories and therefore need to replenish those calories. Clearly, everyone wants students to eat healthier, live a more active lifestyle and simply make better choices, but unfortunately legislation changes tend to inflexible and rigid. They lack to common sense and therefore create controversy when in reality all a school should be required to do is present all the food options and consequences of making poor food choices. At that point it should be up to the student to decide what they want to put in their body not the government. But our GPS auto tracking experts want to know what you think about this topic. Should the lunch program be modified again? Who is really to blame for childhood and teen obesity?

School Bus Tracking Should Be Mandatory

school_busSchool buses have hardly been a good example of an efficient motor vehicle. Most school buses are loud, blow out thick black smoke from the exhaust, don't offer seat belts and have horrible fuel efficiency. And yet these are the vehicles that we feel are the best for our tax dollars and children's safety. Clearly, the modern day school bus has seen little innovative advancement in the past fifty years, but that could all change if school districts began requiring that bus GPS tracker devices be equipped on all passenger buses transporting students. Gas prices have skyrocketed and won't be heading south anytime in the short, immediate or distant future. This is a huge concern for not only everyday drivers but also taxpayers left with the burden of paying for fuel consumption of school district vehicles such as school buses. Obviously, the best solution would be the development of smart buses capable of running directly off of electricity or some form of hybrid technology, but this is not going to happen anytime soon. Therefore, GPS tracking devices should be used instead, but not just for reducing fuel consumption but also improving route selection, driver efficiency and student safety.

How GPS Trackers Can Improve School Bus Operation

Detect excessive vehicle idling Make certain drivers are making all stops Alert school officials if bus drivers are speeding Determine if shortest routes are being utilized

Real-time tracking devices can eliminate excessive fuel consumption caused from poor route selection or vehicle idling, but most importantly they can improve student passenger safety by monitoring bus driver speeds. Operating any motor vehicle at a high rate of speed increases the possibility of an accident. Simply put, speeding can have very serious consequences. GPS tracking devices provide the solution to making sure bus drivers don't engage in unsafe driving practices such as speeding by documenting how fast a driver is operating a bus every few seconds. In fact, school officials can program speed alerts so they can be notified if a bus driver is going too fast. This gets bad bus drivers off the streets and student passengers more safe. School buses need to be modernized. There is no denying that the standard school bus is far beyond out-dated. But until smart buses debut, GPS vehicle locators can at least make sure buses in the road are operating safely and as efficiently as they possibly can.

Computer Surveillance A Serious Issue

Many of the stories in the news have under tones that worry people that the United Stated is moving toward becoming more of a police state. These stories include police using drones similar to those used in bombing raids in the Middle East to monitor civilians, GPS trackers to document where suspected criminals are traveling and routine use of computer surveillance to comb through personal or work emails. Police can claim that the use of any drone device would only be used to safeguard the public, and that GPS tracking devices help police on tighter budgets continue to thwart criminal activity. Although both of these monitoring systems can indeed be used for positive causes they can also be used with malicious intent. However, the most concerning form of police surveillance that most people don't even think about is how law enforcement authorities can review a person's emails, without first obtaining a warrant, if those digital documents are over 180 days old.
Some people will delete spam emails or other personal emails that have been read. Some prefer to keep their emails saved, especially if those digital letters have content related to business activity. With so many popular email programs such as gmail and yahoo offering free services and essentially unlimited storage of emails it is no surprise that more people are choosing to simply read an email then move on with their daily life. However, those old emails, those private and personal emails, can at anytime be accessed by police once they are 180 days old. This is not only legal under current legislation, but it does not even require police to obtain a warrant from a judge! "Online information and digital security should be a concern with anyone who shares personal information on the Internet", explained a technology specialist and writer for GPS Tracker Shop. "Anyone who has conducted online banking, posted on a blog, created a Facebook account or even used email in the past should be concerned and ask their local congressperson to update laws pertaining to electronic surveillance." When it comes to online security, collection of private data and many other e-topics, appropriate legislation is far, far behind the curve. This is because technology is moving much faster than politicians can keep up with. New online privacy concerns are popping up everyday, especially now that websites, cell phone manufacturers, wireless carriers and mobile apps are all collecting the personal data of users for target marketing. Currently, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 is the leading document used to weigh in on such privacy concerns associated with computer technology. The only problem is that the act is so out-dated it is almost entirely useless in today's modern computing world filled with search and social networking. Whether it is infringement upon freedom disguised as homeland security the reality is the NSA is spying on citizens and combing through email accounts every single day. Although the recent revelations by Edward Snowden and subsequent outrage among citizens has lead to some domestic spying reforms, the reality is that everyday people are essentially having their personal information raided without any reasonable cause. This is something all Americans should be concerned with.

Who Is Really Accountable?

There is absolutely no way in really understanding the tragic events that happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School. When a clear lunatic takes a weapon and intentionally harms innocent children the entire country is left looking for answers. Answers to why these horrific acts occurred. Answers to how this type of thing could be prevented in the future.
The initial response by some in society is to blame the devices used to perpetuate these crimes: firearms. This is a very strange phenomenon that seems to only apply when acts of violence are committed with guns. When a individual goes to a tavern, orders drinks all throughout the night, gets behind the wheel of a car and then hits and kills another motorist, who does society blame? Is it the tavern owner for serving the patron throughout the night? Is it the alcohol producers who push for responsible drinking but know damn well a large portion of their market abuses their product? Is it the automobile that drove into the other motorist? In fact it is none of the above mentioned because the responsibility falls upon the actual person who is to blame, the individual. This is because the individual is the one who chose to drink knowing alcohol consumption would impair motor abilities. It is the individual who should have known they were unable to operate their automobile. And it is the individual who was the one who crashed their vehicle into another vehicle resulting in a casualty. This is what is known as logic. It is not McDonald's fault if a person eats at that "restaurant" religiously  and ends up overweight. And it is not a guns fault if a person kills another person. Accountability and blame should always rest on the individual involved in any violent acts. However, this is not the case when the public is subjected to these media sensationalized school shootings. With every tragic school shooting, the media and talking liberal heads point to the weapons used in the attacks as the ones to blame. They ignore the fact that these calculated massacres were well planned and pre-meditated. They fail to realize that it is some mild form of fame that the individual is seeking from their violent acts. They fail to realize that by airing, discussing and analyzing school shootings for weeks that they are planting the seed for future attacks from fame seeking psychos. The knee jerk reaction is to create legislation that would ban many forms of firearm. This is an interesting concept because anyone with the slightest amount of intelligence knows that banning things does not stop people from accessing things. Banning alcohol did not stop people from drinking, and banning marijuana has not stopped a damn person from getting high. All that those laws did was stop responsible people from having access. Crazy will always be crazy, and people need to realize we cant idiot proof our world to stop crazy. Because crazy can not stop being crazy. Would Timothy McVeigh have been stopped from gun control? Sadly, when it comes to the very controversial issue of gun control society rarely if ever wants to place the blame on the individual but rather the environment in which we live that allows citizens access to firearms. This seems very odd. The reason this writer for GPS tracking company GPS Tracker Shop is saying this is because it is impossible to legislate out crazy. If it weren't a firearm it would have knife. If it was not a knife it would have been a hammer. If it was not a hammer it would have been a shovel. The list of potential weapons crazy people could use to do harm is literally limitless, but for some reason Americans want to focus on guns. What the country should be addressing is why was there no security on the school grounds? Why wasn't a police officer stationed at the school? Could armed teachers have prevented or at least lessened the horrific event? Focusing on gun control in the wake of a tragedy is placing the blame in the wrong area. People commit crimes. People make bad decisions. People are the ones we need to focus on to prevent another school shooting from happening again in the future.

Increasing National Debt Is A Bad Plan

When was the last time you were told that getting into more credit card debt would be a good financial decision? Hopefully, you have never received that advice because it's probably one of the stupidest things one person could say to another person. Common sense states that accumulation of debt is not a good short or long term financial plan, but for some odd reason the political suits in Washington D.C. have felt the opposite. The debt ceiling has been raised numerous times over the past decade by both Republican (George W. Bush) and Democrat (Barack Obama) leadership. Basically what politicians have been doing is putting the country into trillions of dollars of high interest debt. Debt that has an impact on our economic decisions, foreign policy and currency strength, and the American people need to let their elected representatives now that enough is enough.
The current talk in Washington D.C. is focused on what has been coined the fiscal cliff. In order to avoid some government shutdowns, democrats are asking republicans to make a number of concessions, including another raise in the debt ceiling. This would allow the government to spend even more money that it does not have. Adding insult to injury, the democrats are using a variety of scare tactics suggesting that if the debt ceiling is not raised again (to the highest level of all-time) that social welfare programs could be in jeopardy. Food stamps, senior health plans and various other programs that millions of Americans depend on could all be used as bargaining chips in a political poker game where the only loser is the American people. The government needs to stop being careless, scaring the American public by suggesting social welfare programs will be pinched if the debt ceiling isn't raised. Programs that should be the very last thing the government ever consider cutting in a fiscal emergency. What the government should cut are the numerous wasteful projects it spends millions and sometimes billions of dollars on annually such as floating outhouses for Oregon fisherman, development of a rolling style of beef jerky and creation of a robo-squirrel. If these ridiculous taxpayer funded projects are too important for politicians to eliminate then maybe congressmen should take a pay cut in their approximately $175,000 annual salaries. Giving While In Debt The United States gives more money, money it does not even have, than any other nation in the world. However, this foreign aid is not generously given to the poorest countries in desperate need. Instead, it is given in the billions of dollars annually to countries such as Pakistan. Middle Eastern and African countries where political corruption runs deep and the majority of the population hate Americans. The U.S. also gives billions of dollars to Israel, while also giving their feuding neighbors billions. And let us not forget industrialized nations such as Russia who really do not deserve taxpayer funded aid. UPDATE: The government has yet again raised the national debt ceiling, resulting in the country plummeting into further financial debt. This GPS Tracker Shop editor believes the government should begin focusing on measures to reduce government debt not increase it. What do you think?
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