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Broncos Will Win Super Bowl In Santa Clara

With the NFL playoffs set to kickoff in less than 48 hours, analysts, sports writers and casual fans drinking at the pub are making their Super Bowl predictions. Some will say the Carolina Panthers who had the best record all season are going to go all the way, but one could also point out that the Panthers played a weak schedule and only have one quality win on the season against the Seahawks. And speaking of the Seahawks, one could argue they are the hottest team in the NFC after laying a beat down on the Cardinals in their barn. The Seahawks still have a great defense, Russell Wilson is always dangerous and Seattle has been to the Super Bowl two straight years so they certainly know what it takes to win. But it is hard not to think about those two losses they sustained to the Rams and feel totally confident. Others could point to the Kansas City Chiefs and their 10-game winning streak to support their Super Bowl argument and they would indeed have a good case. But Andy Reid is a playoff loser, the Chiefs would have to win 3 games on the road and of course this is a team that lost at home to Jay Cutler. Oh what about the Pittsburgh Steelers who are coming into the playoffs...though the backdoor since they lost both games they played against the worthless Baltimore Ravens. Steelers fans can go ahead and thank the Bills for getting them into the postseason but getting into the Super Bowl will require something more than help. The Patriots are the defending champions (thanks for throwing the ball Pete!) and certainly deserve respect. But stumbling into the playoffs with back-to-back losses to the Jets and Dolphins hardly evokes confidence. Not to mention, the injuries are bound to catch up to New England once the competition gets tougher. So who exactly is going to win the Super Bowl? That answer is easy, the Denver Broncos.


We all know the saying about winning championships and defense and do you know why? Because as Samuel L Jackson would say, "Defense wins mother f***ing championships!" Hell if it weren't for a good defense Trent Dilfer, Jim McMahon, Eli Manning (twice), Brad Johnson and so many other QBs wouldn't have rings. And if good offense meant postseason success then the Patriots would have a 19-0 season under their belt, Dan Marino would have multiple Super Bowl rings and the greatest show on turf would have blown out a team led by a rookie named Tom Brady. When the weather gets cold receivers slow down. Balls don't fly with pinpoint accuracy. Points are harder to come by because the competition is so much tougher. And this is the main reason why Denver can win the Super Bowl this year. They have arguably the best defense in the NFL and will be playing in Denver where it is sure to be freezing, giving the defense even more of an edge. The Broncos will force turnovers and keep the opposing offense from putting up a ton of points. No matter how poorly the Broncos' offense performs, the defense will give Denver a chance to win every single game they play.

Home Field

Having home field is always an advantage. Less traveling, sleeping in your own bed and not to mention having 30,000+ fans screaming for you to win are all great things. The Broncos went 6-2 at home this season and historically have played very well at home in the playoffs. Yes they got their ass kicked last year at home to the Colts but that actually brings me to my other point.


After getting bitch-slapped in the Super Bowl against the Seahawks many people tabbed the Broncos to make a return visit to the big game. The Bronco's players probably thought it would be a foregone conclusion as well. But the cardinal rule in sports is never overlook your opponent or they will pop you in the face, and that is exactly what Indy did in Denver by upsetting the double-digit favored Broncos. The Broncos are a veteran group and after what happened last season they will not come into the game lacking preparation. Expect Denver to play hard from the start to the finish.

Peyton Manning

For all those years Manning was lighting up the score board he was also getting bounced out of the playoffs early. Because like we mentioned in the first point, defense wins in the postseason. You know what else is funny? The year Manning was not playing well and the offense was struggling his team actually won the Super Bowl. Manning did just enough and the defense carried them. Manning does not need to throw for 300 yards and 4 TDs for the Broncos to win this year. What he needs to do is control the clock, avoid bad interceptions (like pick 6s) and pick up third downs in key spots. People remember John Elway as a gunslinger with a power arm but when he won the Super Bowl against the Packers he was only 12-22 for 123 yards. Oh and no touchdown passes with an interception. Manning needs to use his brain not his arm and the 5-time MVP can still read a defense as good as anyone in the league. He also can rock the two minute drill pretty damn good as well if need be.


Having a team full of veterans is always a plus. Veterans don't get rattled if the score is 14-0 for the other team early. They also avoid complacency if the score is 14-0 for their squad. Peyton Manning, Vernon Davis, Owen Daniels, DeMarcus Ware and others all understand that nothing is promised in the NFL. If you have a good team you better win now because next year your team could easily be 4-12. A lot of these guys have not won a Super Bowl and they want to desperately. They will make the most of their opportunity and play with fire and passion the next three games.

The Denver Broncos have all the tools and pieces necessary to win Super Bowl 50. They have a great defense, home field advantage, a chip on their shoulder from an early playoff ext last year, a 5-time MVP in Peyton Manning and a roster full of veteran talent. This team is deep and easily the biggest threat on the AFC side of the bracket. Broncos fans may have felt postseason pain the last few years but Super Bowl 50 will be a new chapter. A chapter where the Broncos come out, kick ass and take the Lombardi trophy.

About the Author: Horban is a sports and entertainment blog writer for automobile tracking company GPS Tracking Shop

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