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Automotive Security

Sync GPS Provides Easy Plug & Play

GPS For On Board Diagnostic Port One of the most requested forms of GPS tracker by businesses is a small device that can plug directly into the on board diagnostics port of a car or work truck. Being small in dimension is important so the monitoring system is not easily noticeable to the driver of the target vehicle. However, the GPS tracking system must also offer real-time locational data, speed alerts, information related to vehicle idling, geographical fencing, historical records of driving activity and more to meet the high demands of businesses. Although no such device ever even existed in the market, GPS Tracker Shop is proud to announce that the SilverCloud Sync Tracker offers all of the above mentioned features and more to help businesses take control of their fleets.

How Sync Trackers Work

Unlike other real-time monitoring devices that need to be professionally installed, SilverCloud Sync Trackers obtain power by pulling it directly from the target automobile. This is done through connection of the OBD port. Since the device is also engineered with a high performance antenna, there is  no external wiring of a antenna system required. This makes the device very simple to use, and allows a business not to worry about the battery life of the GPS tracker. Once the GPS vehicle tracker is connected to the OBD port of the target automobile the user can then review both real-time or historical data. Since the SilverCloud Sync Tracker does not require the use of software, the GPS tracking data is accessible via the Internet. That means with nothing more than a pre-created username and pass code the user can access their personal tracking data with any tablet, mobile phone or computer connected to the Internet!

Popular SilverCloud Sync Tracker Features:

OBD Port Connection Real-Time GPS Data Vehicle Idling Monitoring Unlimited Access To Historical Data Speed Alerts Virtual Boundary Notifications

Key Differences Between SilverCloud GPS & SilverCloud Sync Tracker The standard SilverCloud GPS system and SilverCloud Sync Tracker have many of the same features that businesses love, but also a number of unique features. For example, the Sync Tracker pulls power from the target automobile, and therefore does not have its own power source. That means if the Sync Tracker is disconnected from the OBD port it will have no ability to transmit data. This is much different than the standard SilverCloud GPS which has an internal battery capable of transmitting data for 15 hours of consecutive wheels in motion drive time. Another difference is that since the Sync Tracker plugs directly into the OBD port of an automobile the device can gather information such as vehicle idling, VIN number, aggressive driving behaviors, harsh braking and more. These are all things the standard SilverCloud GPS cannot.

Preventing Accidents With GPS Trackers

school_busAutomotive accidents occur every single day, but when it comes to public transportation most commuters feel a higher sense of safety. Sadly, even commuter buses and school buses can find themselves involved in automotive collisions as was the case earlier today in New Jersey that resulted in approximately 20 people sustaining injuries. Earlier today an Old Bridge school bus was on its morning route to pick up school children. This was what the bus did every morning, but unfortunately this morning that routine would be altered when a New York City-bound commuter smashed into the school bus from behind. The school bus, which at the time had no child passengers on board, was forcefully knocked upon its side where it then slammed into a nearby tree. According to law enforcement agents at the scene of the accident, when the school bus began to decrease speed in order to perform a right-hand turn the commuter bus slammed into the school bus from behind. The crash impact had so much force that it actually caused the school bus to flip over on its side. Bystanders initially feared the worst when they saw the school bus fall onto its left side, believing that yellow school bus may have been filled with child passengers riding to school. Although records show that those involved in the accident did not sustain any life-threatening injuries, the commuter bus driver and a passenger were said to be in critical condition following the crash.

Preventing Future Bus Accidents

Currently, investigators are reviewing the camera systems that were in place on both of the buses to gather more information on what happened just prior to the collision to discover what may have been the cause of the accident. Although the videotape will certainly shed some light on the complete story, preventative measures may have resulted in no accident ever occurring. This is because tools designed to measure driving activity such as GPS tracking devices can determine if a driver is engaging in dangerous driving behaviors before an accident occurs. Our GPS Tracker Shop editors are in no way implying that the accident was caused by driver error, but the fact remains that GPS vehicle locators can be used to determine if a driver is consistently speeding, aggressively braking and more. Should all public transportation vehicles be mandated to employ both video recording equipment and vehicle monitoring devices?

Monitoring Equipment With GPS Trackers

skid_steerBusinesses that focus on construction and building frequently call upon technical modern marvels in order for them to create houses, bridges or any number of structures. This equipment is utilized where simple man power falls short, allowing a project to get complete is the safest and most time-efficient window possible. Bull dozers, fork lifts and skid steers are the names of these marvels that provide the heavy assistance, but it is something much smaller that is protecting skip steers and other machinery from the rising problem of theft. The miniature devices that are being used to safeguard skip steers are portable units known as GPS tracking devices. What these portable GPS trackers do is offer companies that utilize heavy machinery a way to get real-time updates on where their equipment is located and how the equipment is being used. The GPS tracker devices offer both portability and hard-wiring option, can send out notifications if equipment is moved without authorization, document how employees are using heavy equipment and essentially offer what many law enforcement agencies describe as one of the best asset protection solutions on the market today. "Investing in SilverCloud GPS hardware was a no brainer for my contracting business because it let me check on workers while also helping us against theft", a small business contractor based in Huntsville, Alabama stated. "Our company has had concerns over some employees falsifying time sheets and we also had a skid steer loader stolen so we were more than anxious to get GPS going."

Tracking Skip Steers

Real-time GPS trackers can provide live locational data, driving records, mileage, vehicle speed information and safe zone boundaries all with the easy click of a mouse. Many of these sophisticated tracking devices even offer a web-based monitoring platform so users don't need to download any software. This is a useful feature because it can give business owners and asset managers the ability to access information on their equipment from any location! This is because the GPS tracking data can be reviewed on any system that has an Internet connection, including mobile devices! Skid steer portable tracking devices provide detailed reporting information and most importantly the ability to stay connected to such valuable assets/property.

Automotive Tracking Could Lead To Taxing

Lawmakers are constantly drafting legislation and creating new laws that lead to bigger government and less rights for the people. Most of these laws that invade privacy are cloaked under the suggestion that the legislation will help promote our safety and increase personal protection. That is what is happening with the latest form of technology known as the automotive black box which will likely be a staple on every newly manufactured automobile in the near future. The only problem is that these devices have the potential to severely impact personal privacy.

Black Boxes: From Planes To Vehicles

Black boxes have been used for decades in flight applications to determine the cause of any aviation accidents. The black boxes basically record all activity related to flight, including speed, cockpit voice communication, control panel use and more. The technology has been instrumental in helping the National Transportation and Safety Board along with other aviation agencies unlock the events that occurred which resulted in a plane accident. Understanding the value black boxes have had with aviation, many legislators have been pushing for a similar form of technology to be implemented in automobiles. What is being suggested, and appears to be a certainty in the very near future, is that every newly manufactured automobiles be equipped with a system similar to that of a black box. The automotive recording system would log information about the speed a driver traveled, locations arrived and a number of driving related behaviors. These automotive black boxes would likely call upon some form of GPS tracking and on board diagnostics to document the travel acidity, and that is what has some privacy advocates are upset about. Many states have discussed using GPS trackers to measure and monitor the mileage driven by motorists for the purpose of taxing drivers who use the roadways more. Although fuel is already taxed in order to pay for road maintenance, any new measure that adds additional taxes seems a bit unjust. However, one of the primary concerns about any automotive black box solutions is that they will give legislators an easy way to monitor the vehicles of citizens. This data could then be used to track mileage for taxation purposes, but also used to determine what religious institutions a person is connected with, political affiliations, personal activities and more. This is because even though legislators will say they will only access black boxes strictly for mileage accounting, the GPS tracking technology used in the automotive monitoring devices will hold other data as well. By stating automotive black box systems can improve personal safety lawmakers and government will have the ability to easily transition into a program that could tax motorists according to the mileage each person drives. However, these black box devices designed with GPS tracking capabilities will also provide other data to outside agencies, private data that most people are not okay with being shared. Are you concerned that government agencies may have the ability to track your location and travel activity 24/7 through the use of an automotive black box device that uses GPS tracking technology?

Locating The Right Local GPS Installer

Tracking Key map
Finding the right GPS tracker for fleet tracking, asset management, personal safety or whatever the application may be can be a challenging experience. This is because online stores and some popular retail outlets carry a number of different GPS systems built specifically for monitoring. That leaves the burden on the consumer to seek out product reviews and online content by technology blogs in a quest to discover the best tracking devices. Once the user concludes the research process and finds out if they need either or a real-time GPS tracker or data logger they then invest in the brand name or product they have the most confidence in. Unfortunately, the story does not always end their because the consumer may also want to have the GPS tracking device hard-wired so it is permanently installed.
One of the more common questions consumers who invest in GPS systems featured on the GPS Tracker Shop online store ask is who the e-commerce company recommends for installing the purchased tracker? Although GPS Tracker Shop tests and evaluates numerous tracking devices on an annual basis, the company does not work directly with any specific installation teams. Part of the reason is because GPS Tracker Shop has clients all over the world using the companies' fleet tracking devices and personal monitoring systems. However, the primary reason GPS Tracker Shop does not provide recommendations is because the online store cannot oversee quality control of installation companies on a day-to-day basis.

GPS Tracker Shop Installation Suggestions

Companies or families that choose to invest in real-time GPS tracking hardware and want to have the equipment installed have a couple different options when comes to selecting an installer. One option is just to ask friends and get the good ole' fashioned word of mouth reference. By simply asking some family members, dropping a post on Facebook to friends or talking with work colleagues, a person can sometimes quickly find a reputable installer in their local area. However, if a person wants to be covert in the fact they intend on using a GPS tracker for monitoring they always have the option of doing some basic Google searches under the category of audio and car alarm installation. This is because most installers do not specialize in GPS installation, but rather are audio, car alarm and electronics specialists who can easily work the 12volt circuitry of a GPS system. Once a handful of local audio/alarm specialists have been selected the consumer should then turn to local review sites such as Yelp and Google Places to see what past customers had to say about customer service and work completed. Review sites are excellent resources and should be called upon before working with any company. GPS Tracker Shop has representatives available for those who have questions about GPS hardware or the best routes in finding a local installation team. Therefore, those with questions can send over an email or make a phone call for further assistance.

Data Loggers Present Affordable GPS Tracking Option

Getting a GPS tracking device for automotive monitoring can be expensive for those who decide to purchase real-time GPS trackers such as the popular Sync or SilverCloud GPS. However, there are a number of alternatives available that can still help provide small businesses and families with the vehicle tracking data they seek without breaking the proverbial bank. The solution comes in a form of GPS tracker known as the data logger, and the passive classification of system is allowing anyone to keep track of their automotive historical driving activity.
GPS data loggers are not real-time GPS trackers. This is the most important thing for small businesses and consumers to be mindful of before making a purchase. Therefore, data logger technology will not help a person if their car or truck is stolen, and does not give the user instant access to the location of their vehicle. Instead, this form of tracker device offers historical records of driving. This can be particular advantageous for those such as:
  • 1. Companies Wanting To Know Where Drivers Are Going Throughout The Day
  • 2. Parents Wanting To Check The Speed(s) Their Teen Is Driving
  • 3. Lovers Suspecting Infidelity
  • 4. Police Involved In Surveillance Investigative Matters
  • 5. Business Looking To Track Mileage Driven

GPS Data Loggers: How Passive Trackers Actually Work

Since GPS data loggers do not offer live locational information, the user must remove the car tracker from the automobile in order to observe historical driving information. Once the GPS tracker has recorded data and been removed from the vehicle it was tracking, all the user has to do is connect the GPS tracking device to a personal computer for download. The data transfer is completed via USB direct connect or download cable. Once the GPS tracking data has been downloaded to the personal computer, the user can observe all driving activity. Driving activity can be broken down into a detailed driving report, intuitive historical playback mode or simply displayed on top of the satellite imaging program Google Earth.

GPS Trackers That Save Money

The primary reason that makes GPS data loggers more favorable compared to real-time vehicle locators is cost. GPS data loggers do not carry any monthly service, which will save users hundreds of dollars annually. But another positive is that the hardware cost for GPS data loggers is as much as 33%-50% cheaper than the hardware cost associated with real-time GPS trackers. That means both the short-term and long-term investment in data loggers is substantially more cost-effective than real-time trackers. There are a number of other benefits of using data loggers that results in the tracker devices being so popular among consumers and small businesses that have not been mentioned. However, low cost for hardware and no service obligations are the primary reasons why people invest in GPS data loggers over real-time GPS trackers. There are a number of different types of GPS data loggers on the market so buyers need to make certain that research has been conducted before any investment in GPS tracking hardware is made. When it comes to vehicle location device technology there are a lot of different solutions for companies and families to select from so doing a little research and speaking with a GPS tracking expert is certainly a good thing. However, the most cost-effective option to date from car tracking is through the implementation of data loggers due to the more affordable hardware costs and absence of monthly data fees.
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