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Trailer Theft Results In GPS Tracking Rise

According to government agencies that monitor crime statistics, automobile theft has been on a steady down trend over the past decade. The decrease in car theft can be attributed to a number of different factors such as more informed motorists locking up their vehicles, cars manufactured more securely and the rise in use of consumer grade GPS vehicle tracking devices. Although national motor vehicle theft numbers are down, Spartanburg County Sheriff's officials have been struggling in South Carolina with a rise in trailer theft that has seen approximately 300 trailers reported stolen in the past two years in the small county.
How big has the trailer theft problem gotten to be? The trailer thefts became such an issue that in 2011 Spartanburg County Sheriffs began mapping each individual crime and using decoy or "bait" trailers to try and catch the people committing the crimes. The police have received very few leads and have expressed publicly the difficult time they have had finding and arresting those responsible for the crimes. A law enforcement official in Spartanburg County speaking about the trailer theft epidemic explained that the thieves usually target the inexpensive trailers that are typically found collecting dust in most people's driveways. He went on to explain that the trailer thieves waste no time in taking the stolen goods and painting them, making it difficult for not only the trailer owner but also law enforcement authorities to recognize the stolen property. The quick turnaround is what makes catching the thieves such a challenge.

Protecting Assets

A representative for a local trailer company that has been in business in Spartanburg County for years stated the importance of safeguarding assets. He recommended at the minimum people purchase a trailer lock to prevent any trailer thieves from quickly hooking and hauling off with a person's trailer. However, for those in a region where trailer theft is quite prevalent, the person at the trailer company said that a real-time GPS tracker is probably the best solution. This is because live GPS tracker devices can alert trailer owners the second their assets are moved or stolen and will provide real-time locational data frequently. This will allow the trailer owner to provide law enforcement in detail the whereabouts of their stolen property.

Data Logger Offers Affordable GPS Tracking

Companies and families searching the Internet for the best GPS trackers on the market typically find themselves researching real-time GPS trackers. Real-time GPS trackers can send alerts, enhance auto-theft prevention measures and plot with detail where a motorist is at live over a computer program such as Google Maps or Google Earth. Unfortunately, those forms of tracker systems also come with expenses that include hardware and service for data transmission. Since many small businesses and families operating on a very tight budget simply cannot allocate funds for GPS monitoring service, historical travel recording devices known as data loggers are providing a much more financially flexible solution. And the data logger that leads the market in efficiency an reliability is a small unit called GPS Tracking Key Pro.
What separates GPS Tracking Key Pro from other data loggers sold by electronics retailers is that the device has super efficient battery power, a ultra sensitive antenna and surface magnet on the durable housing that makes it easy to slap the GPS tracker on any target automobile. In fact, the engineering geniuses behind the GPS Tracking Key Pro understood what the market desired in a passive tracking unit because this model of car monitoring device was built upon massive amounts of feedback received from the original Tracking Key (the most successful selling data logger of all time). With this feedback from both casual and power users, the software developers and hardware engineers were able to create something truly unique, reliable and outstanding. Something the GPS monitoring industry had never seen before.

Features Of GPS Tracking Key Pro

  • Updates every second
  • Historical playback option
  • Mileage reports by daily activity
  • Top daily speed driven
  • Location Addresses
GPS data loggers such as GPS Tracking Key Pro are also widely used by law enforcement agencies as well as researchers conducting experiments out in the field because the GPS systems do not need any form of cellular communication to record locational data. This allows agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security to perform surveillance on vehicles driving out in the middle of nowhere that might be engaged in illegal operations or terrorist activities.

Top 5 Features:

1. Surface Magnetic Mount 2. Battery Life Of Over 100 Hours Drive Time 3. Compact Size For Covert Placement 4. Pinpoints All Locations A Driver Stopped 5. Water-Resistant Housing

"Using the GPS Tracking Key Pro is as simple as placing the unit on a vehicle then removing the unit when the person wants to review the historical driving information and data", stated a fleet tracking specialist for GPS Tracker Shop. "Superimposed and displayed over both Google Maps and Google Earth, the driving activity recorded from the  Tracking Key Pro also breaks down travel history in a easy to read daily text report that shows where a person stopped, how long they stopped for, time en route and more."

What Makes Data Loggers Affordable?

Unlike real-time GPS trackers, GPS data loggers are much more reasonably priced in terms of hardware, and do not require any monthly payments for data. Since the person using the data logger needs to take the tracker device off the target automobile and manually download data, there is no cost for service. This is because the tracker device does not send data over cellular towers. With no transmission of data there is no monthly service payments or obligations. From a hardware perspective, since data loggers only require a GPS receiver, antenna and some other technological components to gather locational data with precision, the cost of the hardware is often as much as 50% less than a real-time GPS tracking system! That is a very substantial cost-savings, and something that allows families working on a budget to still have access to GPS monitoring technology. Clearly, GPS data loggers will not help a person improve auto-theft prevention or offer real-time locational data, but the tracker devices can help a company enhance fleet management and families improve driving safety. GPS Tracking Key Pro is widely recognized as the premier passive monitoring solution, and anyone in need of a GPS data logger will find that the tracker device provides accurate locational data. Data that can determine if an employee is wasting company time, teen driver is speeding or spouse is up to no good. For those wanting accurate and detailed information about vehicle tracking activity but not wanting to break the bank can call upon a data logger such as GPS Tracking Key Pro with its simple plug and play model of tracking.

How To Find A Quality Installation Team

Although many users of GPS tracking devices will use the monitoring systems as portable solutions, many businesses that invest in real-time GPS trackers instead opt for permanent installation of GPS hardware. The reason so many  businesses select to hardwire vehicle tracker units is because that option will result in continuous battery power, while also making it much more difficult for a driver to tamper with the equipment. Once the company has invested in the real-time GPS devices and made the executive decision to have the systems installed, the next step is finding a reliable and professional installation team to perform the hard-wiring.

Basics Of Installing GPS Trackers

Before a business can install monitoring equipment to service vehicles they must have two pieces of equipment: the real-time GPS tracker and a hard-wire accessory kit. The real-time GPS system is what provides the business live and historical access to automotive driving activity, and the hard-wire accessory kit is what connects the GPS tracker to the 12-volt system of the automobile (the hard-wire kit can work with larger voltage vehicles through the use of a step). Therefore, in a very basic explanation, all a installer needs to do is connect the hard-wire kit to both the tracker and the electrical voltage system of the automobile.

How Long Should Installation Take?

Any installer worth his or her weight should be able to complete the installation of a device such as the SilverCloud tracker to a vehicle in no longer than 30 minutes. Installers who have worked with GPS tracking devices in the past should be able to perform the installation in even less time than that. The time it takes for a professional installer to complete the work could also depend on how busy they are that particular day or if they have had past experience working with GPS tracking hardware.

Finding The Right Installer

Finding the right installation team to connect a GPS device is important and that is why it is critical to utilize the most popular and updated review sites that will showcase past customer experiences. Although there are a lot of different options available when it comes to review site, GPS Tracker Shop recommends that people looking for a installer check out Yelp. Yelp is a wonderful resource that breaks down a business according to a rating from 1-5 stars. People also have the option to write about their experiences using the Yelp platform. This is a great way to see if the installer you are considering is doing a good job or not. Installation is important when it comes to long-term GPS tracking use, but remember there are also other options such as GPS trackers that can connect to a diagnostic port or that can be used as portable solutions. So find what is right for you and do your homework before investing in a GPS tracker and when looking for a GPS device installer.

On Board Diagnostic GPS Tracker Device

GPS Tracker Shop has always believed in the minimalist philosophy that less is actually more. This is why the GPS tracking company has been determined to keep the product line of GPS vehicle trackers down to the absolute best the world has to offer among the categories of real-time GPS tracker, data logger and personal GPS tracker. Currently, the only real-time GPS tracker being offered via the companies' online store is a product called SilverCloud that is manufactured in the Chicago-land area. This particular live GPS tracker has been employed successfully by both large and small businesses wanting to find out what company drivers are doing with mobile assets, parents uncover what teenagers are really doing while out with friends and concerned families make certain senior drivers can still safely operate a automobile. SilverCloud has been a wonderful product that has received a tremendous amount of positive reviews from both consumers and independent gadget review websites. Although the real-time GPS tracker is widely recognized as one of the top-performing vehicle monitoring devices on the market, the SilverCloud unfortunately has no way of connecting directly to the on board diagnostic computer of an automobile. That means data related to vehicle idling, harsh braking and aggressive acceleration cannot be calculate and determined. Understanding that another solution would need to be introduced to meet the demands of those seeking a complete on board diagnostics tracking device, GPS Tracker Shop will soon be introducing a new product called the Sync Tracker.

What Is The Sync Tracker?

The Sync Tracker is a real-time GPS tracker designed for fleet management applications for supervisors seeking a device that provides complete oversight of driving activity. This particular GPS monitoring tracker will offer all of the same features as SilverCloud, but will also provide additional information regarding vehicle activity. Additional data will be related to information that is only accessible via the diagnostic port such as harsh braking, low fuel alerts, vehicle idling and more.

Will The Sync Tracker Require Software?

The Sync Tracker is a 100% web-based application that will give users the ability to access GPS tracking data from any computer with Internet connectivity. GPS tracking data will also be accessible via iPhone and iPad.

What Are The Data Plan Options For Sync Tracker?

Sync Tracker users will have the option between two different data plans: $29.95 for unlimited updates every 60 seconds or $39.95 for unlimited updates every 10 seconds.

Who Are The Intended Users For Sync Tracker?

Sync Trackers were developed to provide anyone with real-time GPS tracking data. That means a parent wanting to locate a teen driver, business wanting to enhance automotive security or essentially anyone looking to manage vehicle driving activity could use the Sync Tracker to get the live updates they want!

GPS Tracking Improves Safety For Everyone

Paramedics and other first responders truly are artists in ambulances. These are the special individuals who come to our aid in trying moments and other emergency situations. They are literally lifesavers. Although these men and women whose occupation it is to help and care for those in emergencies have a very meaningful purpose in life, they require the best technological tools available on the market in order to be as efficient as possible. In the medical business, efficiency means everything because it can actually result in a person living or dying. With so much on the line, ambulance drivers, hospitals and other medical personnel have been calling upon real-time GPS tracker devices to more effectively route and monitor ambulances and other mobile assets of hospitals.

GPS Trackers Provide Accountability

Dispatchers in charge of overseeing fleet activity of ambulances must make quick decisions when routing emergency services to the scene of an accident or other dangerous situation. They need to take every step to ensuring the closet medical service vehicles are arriving at the scene of any incident in the quickest time possible, and that those vehicle choose the shortest routes possible. This is where GPS vehicle trackers are providing assistance. By equipping a GPS tracker on a ambulance as a vehicle management solution, ambulance companies and hospital dispatchers can have total oversight of ambulance fleet activity. This allows the dispatcher or company to view where every single ambulance is located in real-time, while also giving the fleet supervisors  the option to go back and review historical driving routes at anytime. This is because real-time GPS trackers such as the SilverCloud give the end user lifetime access to past driving routes. With this lifetime access to past driving records, fleet managers can view where an ambulance was earlier in the day, last week, last month, a year ago or even longer. This personal GPS tracker data is securely housed on LandAirSea company servers where the company can retrieve the historical driving activity at anytime. In a life-threatening situation there is nothing more important than getting the appropriate medical attention from point A to point B in the fastest time possible. GPS trackers are helping decrease arrival times and thereby help save lives. That is something everyone can get on board with.

Monitoring Marine Vessels With GPS

Southern California is home to a large number of boating enthusiasts that spend their time enjoying blue skies, sunshine and cool ocean air. Although the boating experience can alleviate burden and everyday worries, vessel owners are always concerned about safeguarding their boats from theft and misuse. In a effort to combat theft and misuse of marine assets, many boat owners in Marina Del Rey have been turning to GPS trackers to provide an additional layer of security.

GPS Tracking Provides Boat Security

Real-time GPS tracker devices have commonly been used for applications related to auto-theft recovery, teen driving safety and business vehicle/fleet management. However, as the cost of real-time GPS trackers has slipped due to more market competition, more and more unique applications for the surveillance technology have been springing up all throughout the globe, including boat tracking. Boat tracking essentially refers to the use of satellite technology to monitor marine vessels in real-time. A simple breakdown on how GPS tracking for boats is applied starts with the boat owner putting a live tracker upon the boat they wish to observe. With the live GPS tracking device recording position and transmitting locational data, the boat owner can then pick up their cell phone, tablet or hop on a computer to see where the boat is located 24/7. Most GPS tracking systems for purchase among families and companies, including those commonly used for boat tracking, call upon a technology known as A-GPS. What this basically means is that the GPS tracker will acquire signals from satellites orbiting the Earth, and then send that positional data with the help of cellular communications. Basically, the GPS tracker will require the presence of a wireless provider such as AT&T in order to complete data transfer. Although this may initially sound like a deal breaker for those wanting to protect marine vessels because cellular service doesn't exist in the middle of the ocean, the real-time GPS trackers can still provide a wealth of important data. It is also important for boat owners to recognize that GPS tracking technology can still have some limitations.
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