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Automotive Security

GPS Tracking Device Connects To Vehicle Diagnostics

One of the surveillance tools currently being employed by a number of businesses all over the globe are GPS trackers. How these real-time GPS tracker devices provide assistance to businesses is through a process of increased personnel, asset and fleet management. Basically, GPS trackers can bestow information about every position a driver stopped, if a automobile was idling excessively, total mileage that was driven and an assortment of other data associated with use of equipment and mobile assets. Real-time GPS trackers have transformed the way companies engage in automotive and asset oversight, but new GPS vehicle trackers that connect directly to the On Board Diagnostic (OBD) system of a car or truck are giving fleet managers even more data to enhance performance.

Total Vehicle Management With GPS

Any form of GPS tracker, even a passive data logger, can be advantageous in helping a company reduce inefficiencies. However, when it comes to the ultimate in vehicle monitoring technology there is no better tool than a real-time GPS tracker that hooks up directly to the OBD port of a target automobile. The reason for this is because when a GPS tracking device is connected to the OBD port of a automobile it can accurately gather a great deal of information that a portable tracker would not have the capabilities of recording. This data includes:
  • Vehicle Idling Info
  • Live Location Updates
  • Vehicle Speed
  • Mileage Driven
  • Low Fuel Warning
  • Unsafe Speed Alerts
  • And More
There are a number of different styles of real-time GPS tracking solutions on the market but the reason why more limo companies, airport shuttle businesses and any enterprises with automotive assets are choosing to invest in devices that can connect to the diagnostic port of a vehicle is simplicity. When connected to the OBDII port of the target automobile, users never have to worry about battery life, can access GPS tracking data from any system that has Internet connection and do not have to pay the costs associated with long term installation. Once a user finds the OBDII port on the vehicle they want to track and connect the real-time GPS device they can instantly monitor their vehicle anytime regardless if the vehicle leaves the city or state.

SilverCloud System Surpasses Competition

All of the talk among industry insiders has always been about the differences between real-time GPS trackers and GPS data loggers, and what type of monitoring device is best. Since this type of technology argument is purely subjective depending solely on the user's needs, the experts at GPS Tracker Shop decided instead to focus on what live updating device was truly the best on the market. What real-time GPS tracker was both affordable, reliable and superior to other devices on the market. After looking at a number of different systems the choice became clear.
Testing different GPS trackers on the market is nothing new for the asset management specialists at GPS Tracker Shop, for manufacturer's all over the globe frequently send the company test products. This is because manufacturers want specialty websites such as GPS Tracker Shop to promote their product, generating sales and buzz for their hardware. Therefore, GPS Tracker Shop is in the unique position where it can perform hands-on testing and performance evaluation in-house. This results in a fair, unbiased review. "When we receive GPS tracking products from different manufacturers we are eager for the devices to show us something new, something special, something our customers will feel is worth their investment", explained the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of GPS Tracker Shop. "Obviously, it is beneficial for us to test tracking devices in search for the best GPS systems because once those top-performing systems are found, we can offer them as part of our exclusive product line. Throughout all of the GPS tracking devices we have tested up to this point, our analysts have ranked the LandAirSea SilverCloud GPS as the best real-time tracker on the market."

SilverCloud GPS Tracker Features

  • Live Locational updates As Fast As 3 Seconds
  • Geo Fence Alerts
  • Low Battery Alerts
  • Extended Stop Alerts
  • Multiple Mileage Reports
  • Portable Housing
  • 24/7 Technical Support & Live Chat Option
  • Mobile Phone Access
What makes the SilverCloud different from many of the other GPS tracking products on the market is first of all it was designed by a company based in the United States that has been at the forefront of GPS vehicle tracking for nearly two decades. That means superior engineering as well as technical support available anytime. However, the web-based monitoring platform makes it very easy for even those with very little experience with technology devices to view and digest both the real-time and historical tracking data. The primary reason why this particular real-time GPS tracker ranks so well is a combination of factors that include support, simplicity and of course reliability. But don't take our word for it, please feel free to contact a GPS specialist and have them walk you through an online demo. Online demonstrations are always available and the best way to learn more about GPS tracking and why more businesses and consumers are calling upon the vehicle tracking technology.

Data Loggers Provide Affordable Tracking Option

Tracking Key
Real-time GPS trackers are wonderful tools capable of providing acceleration alerts, live positional information and easy access to vehicle tracker data. Unfortunately, in the current economic climate, many consumers and small businesses cannot afford the monthly service costs associated with real-time tracking. In a time when people everywhere are reducing monetary commitments by cutting Netflix subscriptions, gym memberships and other monthly expenses, the last thing people want is to pay for GPS tracking. For those interested in a more affordable alternative to real-time tracking, GPS data loggers are offering management and monitoring solutions.

Defining GPS Data Logger

GPS data loggers provide a number of the same features that real-time tracking devices offer, but without any monthly subscriptions. The reason for this is because data loggers do not use wireless networks or cellular technology to send locational data. Basically, the user is the one who is responsible for retrieving personal GPS tracker data through a process of download via USB connection. Once the data is transferred to a personal computer, the user can access:
  • Addresses a motorist arrived/departed
  • Locational refresh rates that occurred every single second
  • Daily mileage traveled in a easy-to-read activity sheet
  • The speed a motorist traveled at any given location, and daily maximum speed
All of the above information and more is accessible to data logger users, along with extended battery life (as compared to a real-time GPS tracker). Not to mention, data loggers can continue capturing positional information even in regions where no cellular coverage exists, something real-time devices cannot complete. Therefore, parents worried about how their teen is driving, companies concerned an employee may be misusing business work vehicles or any consumer seeking a accurate location-based security solution can invest in a GPS data logger and not have to worry about paying any annoying monthly service fees! This is the reason why the passive tracking market continues to grow in all sectors of the marketplace.

Why Rental Car Companies Use Real-Time GPS Tracking

Managing company assets is something common in almost every industry in business, and the technology used to oversee these assets is real-time GPS tracking. Construction companies keep tabs on heavy machinery, taxi cab operations follow service vehicles in the field, hospitals meticulously monitor ambulances and an assortment of other businesses call upon GPS trackers to help manage production and maximize efficiency. GPS vehicle tracker technology is commonly seen in the sphere of business, so it should be no surprise to hear that many car rental companies are using GPS monitoring devices to perform fleet management oversight.

What Real-Time GPS Trackers Offer

The very first question some people might be asking is why would a rental car company want to equip their fleet of vehicles with GPS tracking devices? Although the question is relevant to the application of surveillance technology, there is no singular answer, but rather multiple answers why rental car companies would use GPS vehicle trackers. First of all, when a GPS tracker is connected to a rental car the device will consistently monitor driver speed. Through this feature and another alert feature that would allow rental car companies to be notified if a driver is driving over a speed that was pre-set to be dangerous (e.g. 85mph), rental car companies can determine if a renter is a high-risk liability. Many times in the documentation people complete before renting a car their can be clauses that say that the driver will not exceed a unsafe speed limit, and the GPS trackers provide an avenue for the rental car company to observe that vehicle movement. Another reason why rental companies are using real-time GPS tracking is to ensure renters are not going outside state limits. Many car rental companies make renting parties agree to keep the vehicle being used inside state lines unless otherwise told not to. The real-time GPS can set a virtual boundary around a particular state and then send out an alert if the renter leaves the state. Rental car companies are like any company in that they seek to manage and protect assets and this is why so many rental car companies are now equipping GPS devices that can send live locational information upon rental cars.

GPS Tracking In The Blue Grass State

When most people think of the blue grass state they think of Louisville, college basketball and the Kentucky Derby. However, if you were in the metropolitan city of Cincinnati and starred across the Ohio River you would see a moderate sized city known as Covington. Covington is probably best known for its collection of historic churches that include the Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption and Holy Cross Roman Catholic church. Although Covington may not have a professional sporting franchise or be a popular tourist destination, the 45,000 plus people who live in the Kentucky city could greatly benefit from the use of GPS tracking devices.

Vehicle Tracking & Covington

Covington is a city the lacks some of the necessary infrastructure, industrial centers and business opportunities to create strong internal employment options for locals. Thankfully, the city is located only a hop, skip and a jump from Cincinnati, resulting in many of the people in Covington traveling for work. When people have to spend a great deal of time on the road traveling their cars are more than just personal assets, they are a way to make a living. The problem facing many Covington residents is that when they travel to the big city their cars are nowhere near as protected and safe as they are when parked at home Kentucky. This is why so many people who have to commute to Cincinnati for work are investing in real-time GPS trackers. Automotive security is a large concern for any motorist who travels on a daily basis because without an automobile that individual cannot work. This is the reason more commuters in the Covington region of Kentucky are choosing to turn to technological means for additional asset safety in the form of GPS tracking. Clearly, there is no way to stop a criminal from stealing a vehicle, but with real-time GPS tracking technology at least a car owner can be alerted the moment their vehicle is stolen and can then contact police to inform them of the crime. This quick action most often leads to the arrest and recovery of the stolen vehicle. Security is important especially for those who commute, and although society will likely never eliminate auto theft at least GPS tracking can help quickly recover stolen automobiles.
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