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Data Logger Offers Affordable GPS Tracking

Companies and families searching the Internet for the best GPS trackers on the market typically find themselves researching real-time GPS trackers. Real-time GPS trackers can send alerts, enhance auto-theft prevention measures and plot with detail where a motorist is at live over a computer program such as Google Maps or Google Earth. Unfortunately, those forms of tracker systems also come with expenses that include hardware and service for data transmission. Since many small businesses and families operating on a very tight budget simply cannot allocate funds for GPS monitoring service, historical travel recording devices known as data loggers are providing a much more financially flexible solution. And the data logger that leads the market in efficiency an reliability is a small unit called GPS Tracking Key Pro.
What separates GPS Tracking Key Pro from other data loggers sold by electronics retailers is that the device has super efficient battery power, a ultra sensitive antenna and surface magnet on the durable housing that makes it easy to slap the GPS tracker on any target automobile. In fact, the engineering geniuses behind the GPS Tracking Key Pro understood what the market desired in a passive tracking unit because this model of car monitoring device was built upon massive amounts of feedback received from the original Tracking Key (the most successful selling data logger of all time). With this feedback from both casual and power users, the software developers and hardware engineers were able to create something truly unique, reliable and outstanding. Something the GPS monitoring industry had never seen before.

Features Of GPS Tracking Key Pro

  • Updates every second
  • Historical playback option
  • Mileage reports by daily activity
  • Top daily speed driven
  • Location Addresses
GPS data loggers such as GPS Tracking Key Pro are also widely used by law enforcement agencies as well as researchers conducting experiments out in the field because the GPS systems do not need any form of cellular communication to record locational data. This allows agencies such as the Department of Homeland Security to perform surveillance on vehicles driving out in the middle of nowhere that might be engaged in illegal operations or terrorist activities.

Top 5 Features:

1. Surface Magnetic Mount 2. Battery Life Of Over 100 Hours Drive Time 3. Compact Size For Covert Placement 4. Pinpoints All Locations A Driver Stopped 5. Water-Resistant Housing

"Using the GPS Tracking Key Pro is as simple as placing the unit on a vehicle then removing the unit when the person wants to review the historical driving information and data", stated a fleet tracking specialist for GPS Tracker Shop. "Superimposed and displayed over both Google Maps and Google Earth, the driving activity recorded from the  Tracking Key Pro also breaks down travel history in a easy to read daily text report that shows where a person stopped, how long they stopped for, time en route and more."

What Makes Data Loggers Affordable?

Unlike real-time GPS trackers, GPS data loggers are much more reasonably priced in terms of hardware, and do not require any monthly payments for data. Since the person using the data logger needs to take the tracker device off the target automobile and manually download data, there is no cost for service. This is because the tracker device does not send data over cellular towers. With no transmission of data there is no monthly service payments or obligations. From a hardware perspective, since data loggers only require a GPS receiver, antenna and some other technological components to gather locational data with precision, the cost of the hardware is often as much as 50% less than a real-time GPS tracking system! That is a very substantial cost-savings, and something that allows families working on a budget to still have access to GPS monitoring technology. Clearly, GPS data loggers will not help a person improve auto-theft prevention or offer real-time locational data, but the tracker devices can help a company enhance fleet management and families improve driving safety. GPS Tracking Key Pro is widely recognized as the premier passive monitoring solution, and anyone in need of a GPS data logger will find that the tracker device provides accurate locational data. Data that can determine if an employee is wasting company time, teen driver is speeding or spouse is up to no good. For those wanting accurate and detailed information about vehicle tracking activity but not wanting to break the bank can call upon a data logger such as GPS Tracking Key Pro with its simple plug and play model of tracking.

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