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GPS Tracking Key Offers Monitoring Without Fees

Many families with tight household budgets and small businesses with fleets have GPS tracking needs but simply cannot afford the sometimes high costs associated with real-time monitoring technology. When real-time GPS tracking is not an option, GPS vehicle data logger technology provides the solution, and one passive device that has been one of the most successful selling products over the past few years is an item offered by LandAirSea called GPS Tracking Key.

Features Of GPS Tracking Key

Plug & Play USB Download Google Earth Mapping Driving Reports With Mileage Records Vehicle Speed Arrival & Departure Time Stamps One Second Refresh Rate Approximately 25 Movement Hours  Record Time

Manufacturer Claims On Amazon:

GPS_Tracking_Key_imageThe Amazon online store reseller claims that GPS Tracking Key is the most successful selling passive device the market has to offer because of the product's low cost, user-friendly software and accurate historical location data. The e-commerce site touts that the passive device is ideal for parents looking to observe teen driving habits, small businesses wanting to observe employee driving routes or anyone looking to validate driving activity.

Putting GPS Tracking Key To The Test

After purchasing and receiving the passive GPS tracker from the Amazon online store our team of evaluators removed the mini tracker from the clam shell packaging. Software was included with the product along with a instructional user's guide that was very helpful in explaining how the device operates from a technical perspective. However, the set-up process was rather simple, only requiring the user to download the included software to a personal computer. A free digital download of Google Earth is also recommended by the manufacturer as it is one of the three different methods used to display recorded GPS auto tracking data. GPS_Tracking_Key_Packaging The first physical observations of the passive GPS were that the unit was quite small in size and that it had a surface magnet that allows users to place the GPS tracker on the outside of an automobile. The tracker device also was designed with a USB drive and protective cap covering the drive. This feature makes it easy for the user to simply plug in the tracker to a USB port and download GPS tracking data.


Length: 3.80 inches Width: 1.46 inches Height: 1.34 inches (includes exterior magnet)

GPS Tracking Key only requires two (2) AAA batteries to power up the vehicle tracker, but in order to open the battery door the user must remove four VERY tiny screws. This might not sound like a big deal to most people but it is important to state because our team didn't even have such a miniature screwdriver and had to go to a local electronics store to pick one up. The average person, family or business would most likely not have such a small screwdriver readily available. Not to mention, the little screws can easily get lost if dropped. The manufacturer really should include a small screwdriver with the product.

Starting The GPS Tracking Process

After software was downloaded and batteries were inserted into GPS Tracking Key we were all set to start the vehicle tracking process. Looking to test the strength of the surface magnet, GPS Tracker Shop chose to place the passive GPS underneath a car during the testing. The driver operating the vehicle equipped with the GPS tracker drove through city streets, highways and some dirt roads for an entire week. Although the under carriage of the target automobile was the only location GPS Tracker Shop tested GPS Tracking Key the user's guide provided additional placement options that included:

Front Dashboard of Automobile Rear Dashboard of Automobile Inside Vehicle Glove Compartment Beneath Driver/Passenger Seat Inside Center Console of Vehicle

Reviewing Historical Vehicle Tracking Activity

At week's end our team was surprised to see the GPS Tracking Key still magnetically attached to the bottom of the target car. Impressed by the strength of the surface magnet, GPS Tracker Shop had to slide the GPS off from the bottom of the car in order to remove it. Our team can state with confidence that the GPS tracker will hold securely to the target under carriage of the automobile, assuming the user correctly attaches the passive unit. Once off the vehicle, the passive GPS was plugged directly into the USB port of the computer where software was earlier downloaded upon. At this stage of the tracking process our team was given the option to review historical driving records in one of three different methods. Here our the thoughts GPS Tracker Shop had on each viewing option: Activity Report - a text format that makes it easy to see how many miles a driver traveled and the maximum speed driven per day. Overall great and quick way to validate employee driving records. Digital Street Map - cool in that this method allows the user to actually view historical data in an interactive method, but this mapping program is quite out-dated compared to many of the newer mapping programs associated with navigation and tracking systems. Google Earth - the best method GPS Tracker Shop found in evaluating passive GPS data, the satellite image program is very user friendly and clean. Historical data is superimposed over the free mapping program, making it easy to see exactly where every stop a driver made was.

Final Thoughts On GPS Tracking Key

The popular LandAirSea passive GPS is affordable, easy to operate and overall has value for the $139.00 retail cost. Some design flaws such as the tiny screws holding the battery door compartment can frustrate the user, but overall the GPS tracker is manufactured nicely. GPS Tracker Shop would suggest this product for anyone with short-term monitoring needs due to the somewhat limited battery life, and also suggest the manufacturer make the device compatible with Apple computing systems (GPS Tracking Key software currently only works with PC). The most advantageous features are the ultra-strong surface magnet, compact size and multiple viewing options if historical data. Not to mention, GPS Tracking Key has no service fees since it is not a real-time GPS tracker. Although the passive GPS certainly has some shortcomings, the fact the device has continued to be a top selling tracker years after its debut says a great deal about the consumer response to the GPS system. This is why GPS Tracker Shop gives the passive GPS seven out of ten stars, making it an above satisfactory tracking solution. Those interested in purchasing the GPS Tracking Key can contact GPS Tracker Shop direct. Sales reps are available 7 days a week to assist.

Personal GPS Tracker Earns High Marks

The S911 Lola system is a personal tracking device engineered by the people at Laipac Tech. Known for developing a wide range of GPS monitoring solutions for both vehicle tracking and asset management, Laipac Tech has recently been recognized by many outside parties for their overwhelmingly efficient line of personal GPS trackers. This is essentially what the S911 Lola system is; a personal tracker. However, users of the Lola S911 will quickly find that the tracker toted as the world's tiniest real-time GPS system with two-way voice communication can offer much more than live GPS data.
The S911 Lola system is basically a monitoring device that transmits live data to offer a user an avenue to see where a person, vehicle or asset are located at any given time. However, what makes the S911 Lola system different from other real-time devices on the market is the overall size of the GPS tracker. This is because no other tracking device with two-way voice communication is as small as the S911 Lola system. That makes the personal tracker ideal for parents wanting a GPS for their child, business wanting to observe movements of security guards or other lone workers and anyone with a need for a covert tracking device. The S911 Lola system can even be utilized as a senior GPS monitoring solution for those elderly persons not wanting to wear the GPS tracking bracelet. All the senior citizen has to do is keep the tiny tracker in their pocket or they can wear it around their neck (with the assistance of a chain). The S911 Lola system even comes with a panic button that will send out an alert in any emergency situation, making it the perfect fit for both senior monitoring and child tracking. UPDATE: GPS Tracker Shop is no longer carrying the Lola System as a newer more efficient GPS tracking solution for personal monitoring is now available. A complete in-depth review on this product will be featured on the GPS blog very soon!

GPS Tracker Gets 4 Stars For Performance

With so many personal, fleet and real-time GPS monitoring devices available for purchase at online stores, consumers are left with the challenge to discover which GPS trackers are winners and losers. This can sometimes be difficult because their are so many tracking devices on the market and so few credible review sites dedicated to evaluation of technology products. However, one technology review site that is popular among both GPS dealers and consumers is an online resource called GPS Tracking Review, and the testing team at GPS Tracking Review recently have their analysis on the efficiency of the S911 Lola System.
S911 Lola is a personal GPS tracker that is primarily utilized for applications related to personal safety such as child and senior monitoring, making it ideal for families with special needs kids or senior citizens with dementia. However, unlike other personal GPS tracking devices on the market, the S911 Lola also comes with an online interface and features that make it capable of providing detailed reports related to driving activity. Therefore, the S911 Lola system can be used for both vehicle tracking and personal safety!

The S911 Lola Review

The testing team at GPS Tracking Review had a number of positive comments about the S911 Lola System that mentioned everything from the unique size of the tracker to the product packaging. All of the alerting features (panic button, email and text) were tested and performed as advertised on GPS Tracker Shop, and the accuracy of the GPS data was spot on. The most glowing portion of the review came in the conclusion when GPS Tracking Review stated that the S911 Lola was one of the best personal monitoring devices on the market because of the size and accuracy of the tracker.

About GPS Tracking Review

GPS Tracking Review is an online resource dedicated to providing in-depth analysis on various top selling and popular GPS trackers. The online evaluators test tracking systems under a number of different conditions looking at battery-life, GPS accuracy, simplicity of use, alerting feature reliability and other factors to determine product efficiency. GPS Tracking Review rates trackers on a scale from one star (the lowest possible rating) to five stars (the highest possible rating. They also conclude each review with a summary about what they liked about the GPS tracker and some possible shortcomings or improvements that could be made to the tracker. GPS Tracking Review has tested and reviewed some of the most popular GPS systems on the market such as the Spot GPS, Senior GPS Bracelet, TrackStick and Tracking Key. For the complete and comprehensive evaluation of the S911 Lola personal GPS tracker please visit GPS Tracking Review. The online resource for GPS product reviews has a deeper breakdown of the features and ratings of the GPS tracker.

GPS Tracking Review Evaluates Sync System

LandAirSea Sync GPS Tracker
The latest innovation offered but the vehicle management experts at GPS Tracker Shop is a fleet tracking device simply known as the Sync Tracker. A real-time GPS tracker designed to pull power directly from a vehicle via the on board diagnostic computer port of a automobile, the Sync Tracker was created to provide companies the asset management solutions required to boost the efficiency of their workforce. Through reduction of fuel consumption, increase in oversight of mobile assets and auto-theft security protection, the Sync Tracker is tremendous in helping companies maximize their production and service efforts. Skeptics may claim the representation of product description by the distribution company may not hold much merit, but that is the reason for impartial gadget review websites. One of the most respected review sites of GPS hardware and system operation is called GPS Tracking Review, and the review site recently published a comprehensive evaluation of the Sync Tracker.

GPS Tracking Review Rating Of Sync Tracker

When the evaluators at GPS Tracking Review began testing the Sync Tracker based upon the claims made by GPS Tracker Shop, the review site determined that the on board diagnostics fleet management system lived up to the hype surrounding the device. The review site validated that the Sync Tracker would hold snug onto the on board diagnostics computer port system of an automobile, that the online interface utilizing Google Earth was extremely operator-friendly, alarm notifications triggered with accuracy and of course that the vehicle tracker data was pinpoint reliable. The conclusion made by GPS Tracking Review was that the Sync Tracker was an ideal monitoring solution for businesses seeking a fleet management device that was both affordable and reliable. The review site also added that the GPS tracker was so user-friendly that it could easily be used by everyday consumers for a variety of personal GPS tracking applications such as teen tracking. With a top-rating behind 5 stars, GPS Tracking Review gave Sync Tracker 4.5 stars. Those who want to check out the complete and comprehensive review on the Sync tracker can visit GPS Tracking Review for more details and a more extensive breakdown of the system features.

Reviews For GPS Trackers: What You Need To Know

GPS tracker next to iPhone
For companies and families conducting online search and other forms of research to find the top-performing car tracking devices on the market, accessing product reviews can sometimes be a challenge. The reason why product reviews for GPS trackers can often times be difficult to discover is because the market is saturated with poor-performing GPS vehicle trackers manufactured overseas. Therefore, many of the tracking devices available for purchase at online auction sites such as eBay or Amazon are never evaluated and tested by reputable gadget review websites. This can problematic for those seeking to find cost-effective GPS trackers that are accurate and efficient.

When Reviews Can't Be Found

Since most retail stores do not carry surveillance type equipment, families seeking to enhance personal safety or companies wanting to boost efficiency will turn to the Internet to find GPS tracker devices. Therefore, online shoppers must do their due diligence to make certain they are getting the best possible products. Even when reviews might not be available. One of the methods people can select to discover more information about a GPS tracking product is by communicating directly with the company selling the product. "When product reviews are not accessible or available the best thing a consumer can do is speak directly with the person or company distributing the product", explained a GPS expert for a fleet management company. "First of all, it is always a smart thing to get product information from a informed salesperson who can also your questions, but it is also good to know that the place you will be ordering from as some form of sales and support net. Knowing that representatives are available 7 days a week and answer the phone when you call is very important. It speaks volumes about the company, and the products that they carry. If a company doesn't put a strong effort into customer service they probably would not place a great deal of effort evaluating the products they offer to consumers." There are a number of reputable online resources dedicated to review of GPS tracker devices and navigational technologies so take a little time and do the investigative work before investing in a product. Also, make certain to call the company and speak with a representative to get all the information about the GPS car tracker ahead of time to make certain you are getting the right device for your GPS tracking application.

GPS Data Logger Takes Top Honors

GPS Data Logger Device Many folks researching GPS trackers at some point discover the high costs associated with real-time tracking and begin looking for more cost-effective ways to meet their monitoring needs. What the smart consumer eventually finds is that GPS data loggers can offer them a way to uncover unknown driving activity of teen drivers, employees or significant others, but with no monthly service or activation fees required. After evaluating many of the passive trackers available on the market, the car GPS tracker unit that has performed better than any other vehicle tracker the industry has to offer, according to the experts at GPS Tracker Shop, is the GPS Tracking Key Pro.

GPS Tracking Key Pro Cool Features

  • Long-lasting tracking capabilities on only two AA batteries (100+ hours of driving time)
  • Flexible power options: Hard-wire capability, cigarette lighter adapter option and standard AA battery option.
  • Super powerful exterior magnet.
  • Internal antenna that is over 1000x more sensitive than a standard navigation system!
  • Small size and black casing provides stealth and covert placement.
  • Zero service fees.

People Who Use The GPS Tracking Key Pro

  • Any parent who has concerns about the safe driving habits of a teen who just got their license.
  • Companies who are less interested in fleet management, and more concerned about catching employees who are slacking on the job or falsifying time sheets.
  • Individuals who believe that a partner could be cheating, gambling or drinking.
  • Anyone interested in calculating, organizing and logging mileage driven.

What We Think About The GPS Tracker

What our GPS evaluators first found intriguing about this model of data logger was that it offered roughly 100 hours worth of battery life (wheels in motion drive time). This far exceeded the battery life performance of the median passive tracker on the market. However, it most be noted that this extended battery life was only achieved using a high-grade battery. Standard batteries offered roughly 60 hours of record time. Although the text reports were detailed and the data superimposed over Google Earth provided by far the best method of viewing historical data, one drawback of the device was the historical playback option. This feature utilizes a third mapping program that looks and feels very out-dated. This could and should be modernized. The design is sleek and small, allowing users to covertly place the GPS tracker on a car. GPS Tracking Key also has a magnetic mount for outside placement, although the user guide explains that the unit should not be placed outside in wet conditions. These are certainly advantageous features. Costing roughly $169 per device GPS Tracking Key Pro is one of the best data loggers that we have tested and can see many positive uses for the passive unit. However, when it comes to top shelf tracking devices nothing compares to those that function in real-time.

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