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Chinese Drivers Forced To Use GPS Tracking

earth image rpw2GPS tracking is used to help drivers protect their vehicles from theft and quickly recover a automobile if it is every stolen, but choosing to track a vehicle has always been the choice of the motorist. Well that is about to change for drivers in Bayingolin Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture of Xinjiang because motorists in that region are now required to equip a GPS tracker on their vehicles or they will be refused gas at fuel stations.

Starting this week (with the deadline at the end of June), any vehicle or bulldozer in this Chinese region must be equipped with a GPS tracking device. Chinese drivers will be required to pay the roughly $13 annual fee associates with the real-time tracking technology, but the government has stated they will pay any costs associated with installation of the GPS trackers. Vehicles not equipped with a tracking device will not be allowed to receive fuel at gas stations. 

Although the thought of vehicle monitoring technology being utilized on a large scale is not that uncommon (Oregon once tried to propose vehicles be equipped with a GPS tracker in order to charge vehicles by mileage driven), China is the first nation to make it mandatory and at the same time punish those not utilizing the location-based technology. The reason why China is taking such bold moves? That would be the guise of security in a nation dealing with tensions among Han Chinese migrants and muslims, and a fear of potential terrorism. 

As many Americans already know, when the government creates a new law and establishes based on unwarranted fear the result is usually a bigger government, more wasted money and less personal privacy. With the new law in place, Chinese officials will utilize the BeiDou system so they can track all vehicles 24/7. The official government position is that it will help local police recover a vehicle if it is ever stolen by terrorists. However, many locals are simply not buying it because the relationship between the Bayingolin Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture and the Chinese officials has seen problems in the past. For example, locals have complained about Chinese security forces starting massive rallies where hundreds of armed Chinese move through out the streets and make life "uncomfortable". Naturally, the Chinese government takes the position that the rallies are actually anti-terror rallies and necessary becasue they help security prepare for any future terrorist attacks. 

Source: The Guardian

Tow Truck Recovered With GPS Auto Tracking

Google earth mapTow truck businesses throughout the country have been using GPS auto trackers to monitor company vehicles and most importantly protect those tow trucks from theft. The location-based technology allows tow truck companies to see how fast drivers are operating two trucks, provide real-time updates on where vehicles are moving and a wealth of other data that can assist tow truck businesses with fleet management. One tow truck operation in Hackensack, New Jersey learned firsthand the benefits of auto tracking when a flatbed tow truck they owned was stolen, taken for a joyride through Manhattan and eventually recovered by police enforcement.

Employees for Bergen Brookside Auto Body & Towing, a vehicle towing company based in Hackensack, New Jersey, were shocked when they noticed one of the flatbed trucks in their fleet was missing. There worst fears were confirmed when the employees pulled up the data from a GPS auto tracker that was equipped to the flatbed truck and it showed the truck was cruising around multiple locations (including Manhattan!) since midnight. With the information from the tracking unit, employees for the tow truck company were able to provide Hackensack police with live updates on the stolen vehicle. Police then began a chase wit the stolen vehicle tat lasted approximately 50 miles. The chase ended when the stolen to truck made an illegal U-turn and then intentionally crashed the tow truck into multiple New York Police squad cars.

The officers involved in the accident arrested Paul Gudanowski and were later taken to a nearby hospital where they were treated for minor injuries. Gudanowski now faces numerous charges that range from aggravated assault to vehicle theft. Gudanowski also has a long record of previous offenses that include burglary, trespassing, DUI and more.

According to authorities involved with the chase, the pursuit lasted toughly 45 minutes and 35 miles. Although police did not provide many details pertaining to the chase since the investigation is still pending, it was clear that GPS auto tracking device installed on the stolen tow truck was instrumental in helping police quickly locate the vehicle and make an arrest.

Home Robbery Suspects Use GPS Tracker 

GPS Tracker It is the worst nightmare of any family. A criminal breaks into your home and holds you and your family at gunpoint while demanding money and at the same time threatening to kill your children. The thought of such a scene is absolutely frightening and unfortunately was what happened to a business owner and his family in Morrisville, North Carolina. 

Two black men from Durham, North Carolina decided to be low-life pieces of scum when they broke into the home of a business owner where they held the man and his family at gunpoint. The black criminals fired their guns in the man's home, threatened to drown a small child, attacked a woman and even shot the man who they were robbing. The man who was shot jumped out of a window from the second story home to escape from the evil pieces of garbage who were looking for nothing more than money. Money they could have had f they actually got jobs and chose not to be dirtbag robbers. Thankfully, police were called and chased the men down and made an arrest and now the black men are facing a lengthy number of charges including conspiracy to commit robbery, firing a gun during a robbery, having a weapon during a robbery and more. Helpfully, these low-life pieces of trash will spend the rest of their pathetic lives behind bars.

GPS Tracking Plays Role In Robbery 

The black men involved with the crimes were not acting impulsively when they committed their crimes. In fact, they were staking out their victim through the use of a GPS tracking device that the men hid on the automobile of the victim. With this GPS car tracking device, the men were able to determine where the victim lived. With this info and knowing he sometimes had cash on him due to his occupation, the criminals saw the situation as an opportunity. Now the only opportunity they will have is extra time playing basketball in the prison yard during the holidays. However, the situation has caused some people to question whether or not GPS tracking technology is a good thing because it was indeed a GPS tracker that allowed the criminals to determine covertly where the victim and his family lived with simplicity.

The reality is that there are bad people and the only thing that can stop bad people are good people. A baseball bat can be a toy, but in the hands of a bad person it can be a weapon. Video cameras can document many amazing and positive things but in the hands of bad guys can be used to exploit people. Technology is not the enemy. The enemy is the enemy. Hopefully, more people can look at this from that perspective and realize the GPS tracker involved in the case was not the bad guy, but rather the two black men who wanted to threaten a child and shoot off guns during a robbery were the bad guys. 

Source: Raleigh News

Could GPS Trackers Be Extreme Vetting

GPS Trackers For Vehicles This has easily been the most controversial and downright insane Presidential election in the history of American politics. From the Democratic National Convention manipulating the primary process through super-delegates and downright lies to screw Bernie Sanders, to a unfiltered and insulting Donald Trump fighting his way to the nomination through a xenophobic, homophobic and misogynistic remarks with little apology. Yes this election is something both republicans and democrats can agree they simply want over. However, some of the comments on the Donald Trump campaign trail have many privacy rights advocates very concerned over a potential plan that could result in GPS tracking devices being forced upon Muslims in the United States or Muslims coming here as refugees who are on the governments' "watch list", making many fear a Trump presidency could be a second-coming of the red scare or shadowy time in American history when Japanese were unlawfully placed into internment camps.

GPS Tracking Muslims In America

Rudy Giuliani was thrusted into the political spotlight after the horrific terrorist attacks that occurred in New York City on 9/11. However, Giuliani has been in news headlines lately because he has been a strong supporter of Donald Trump and is one of his advisors on terrorism. Although Giuliani certainly has some experience when it comes to the issue of terrorism, it was his words a couple months back about GPS personal tracking that have many concerned about an increase in domestic spying if Trump were to be elected. What Giuliani said that sparked the controversy was how he would completely support a plan that would require Muslims or those on the government watch list to wear GPS tracking units, and possibly be forced to have GPS auto tracking units equipped to their vehicles! Below is a snippet of Giuliani's views on tracking Muslims:

“I would think that’s an excellent idea. If you’re on the terror watch list, I should know you’re on the terror watch list. You’re on there for a reason.” - Giuliani

What made the remarks even more controversial was that shortly after the comments on GPS tracking Giuliani essentially bragged about how under his run as mayor he had undercover agents spy on mosques located in New York City. In fact, the level of government spying on mosques in New York was so prevalent that it led to many lawsuits against the city. Making the situation worse is that the city had to settle out o court in many of these lawsuits resulting in taxpayers having to fit the bill for Giuliani's illegal conduct.

Terrorism vs Spying

Ben Franklin was once quoted as saying those who sacrifice freedom for security deserve neither, and the idea that American citizens could be forced to wear GPS tracking units under the guise of our safety is a slippery slope. On the surface it sounds great that a person who the government believes could be involved in terrorist activities should be monitored 24/7, but the issue is being on a watch-list does not mean criminal charges have been brought against that person. That means they are losing Constitutional rights even though they have not been charged with a crime! How long does it take before the government watch list grows from a handful of Muslims suspected of having connections to terrorist groups to political rivals, corporations contributing to opposing parties or any American citizen a over-reaching government feels they want to spy on. It is a dangerous path that could have serious consquences and something voters must consider when voting in November.

Do you worry about Donald Trump spying on American activities or using Presidential power to potentially engage in unethical or illegal activities?

Safeguarding Motorcycles With GPS Tracking Devices

image6Nothing feels more exhilarating and relaxing than riding a motorcycle on the open road. Feeling the fresh air as you hit the highway, pulling off wherever you want to relax and of course having the ability to weave in and out of congested traffic are just a few of the reasons why men and women opt to choose a bike over a Prius. Being a motorcycle rider makes you part of a community, and that community respects those who ride. Unfortunately, motorcycles are often the target of thieves because bikes can easily be stolen, hidden and scrapped for parts. Many criminals understand that motorcycles have a ton of value on the black market, but now those thieves are being stopped in their tracks thanks to portable GPS trackers that can instantly locate a missing motorcycle.

Motorcycle Theft

So how bad is motorcycle theft in the United States? Well the easiest way to find out is by checking the numbers and that data, which is provided by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), shows approximately 50,000 motorcycles were stolen in 2013. Motorcycle theft peaked in the Summer months of July, August and September, which also happens to be the time most motorcycle riders hit the road. However, the most alarming statistic is that when a car gets stolen the police typically have a 60% success rate of recovering that stolen vehicle, but when a motorcycle gets stolen the recovery rate is only 30%! Not to mention, many of the motorcycles that are recovered are often damaged or have had parts stolen from them. Here are a couple other interesting facts when it comes to motorcycle theft:

  • California is where most motorcycle theft occurs
  • Motorcycle theft increases in Summer months
  • Hondas are the motorcycle make most often stolen

GPS Tracking Motorcycles

Hard-wiring a GPS tracker to a vehicle is easy, but a hard-wire connection to a motorcycle is often not an option. With that said, there is still one easy and effective way to track a motorcycle and that's with a portable real-time GPS tracking device that can be hidden on the motorcycle. Once connected to the motorcycle, a GPS tracker will monitor the bike every second and can even be triggered to alert a motorcycle owner the very second their bike is moved. Therefore, the motorcycle owner will know the moment his bike has been jacked. He can then track the movement of the stolen bike using his smart phone, making it easy to relay the information to police and eventually a safe recovery of the motorcycle.

The cost for a live GPS tracking device runs around $199 and does not include the monthly service obligation for data which is usually an additional $29.95 a month.

Other Tips For Protecting A Motorcycle

  • Park bike in well lit area
  • Equip GPS tracker on motorcycle
  • Don't let unknown riders ride your bike
  • Lock up the bike to a stationary object or at all possible
  • Lock the ignition of the motorcycle

Protecting a motorcycle can be done easily with the help of a portable real time GPS tracking device but those who ride bikes should also get follow the above tips and also invest in quality automotive insurance for their motorcycles.

GPS Tracker Leads To Heroin Bust

Real-Time GPS TrackingThe war on drugs is a fight that is taking place every single day, but that fight isn't happening only on the border with Mexico. This was validates when hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of heroin was seized by drug enforcement authorities who said the package was making its way from Mexico to the rural city of Reading, Pennsylvania.

The package containing approximately $300,000 worth of heroin was shipped by Jose Guzman-Cabello and his accessory to the crime Jose Fernandez-Avalos. The men stated the package contained chocolate but after an X-Ray machine scanned the parcel it was determined that the men were lying. After some investigative work it was clear that the contents of the package was not chocolate but rather a large quantity of heroin. The district attorney explained that once it was discovered the package indeed contained illegal narcosis that were most likely to be distributed in Reading that a small GPS tracker was added to the parcel. The package along with the live GPS monitoring system were then sent back on the original journey. With the real-time tracker reporting detailed locational data of the package, the authorities were able to gather evidence and prepare to make an arrest.

When the package was opened by the suspects the live GPS was activated and authorities made an arrest. Neighbors were shocked to learn that someone in Reading would be selling such powerful drugs in a neighborhood where kids frequently run around outside and play in the streets.
Both of the suspects involved with the heroin trafficking case are illegal aliens from Mexico. They crossed the border illegally and used their drug connections in Mexico to bring heroin into typical suburban neighborhoods in the United States in places such as Reading, Pennsylvania. The two men will now await trial in the USA and if they are convicted by American courts will have to serve their time in American jails before being deported.

Thoughts From The Editor

First of all, good work by both the shipping company and local law enforcement for discovering what was happening and moving forward with a successful investigation. However, situations such as these tell us a couple things. The first is the power GPS tracking devices can have with any investigative process. The second is what can happen when immigrants come into this country illegally and take advantage of our countries' very weak laws. This country has become so politically correct and cowardly that illegal immigrants cross the border without fear, sell drugs to our kids and are basically rewarded with a free trip back to their native country worst case scenario. Until we remove sanctuary cities and document immigrants coming to this country, good law-abiding citizens can expect more drugs and more criminal behavior.

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