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GPS Trackers Underneath Automobiles

Many families and companies looking at enhancing safety through increased vehicle management often begin researching GPS tracker devices. What makes GPS trackers unique as surveillance tools is that the mini car tracking devices can obtain a wealth of information directly related to the driving behaviors of a newly licensed teen or employee operating company equipment. The GPS monitoring information will provide data about the speeds a driver traveled, locations a driver visited and addresses a driver stopped and departed from. Although GPS trackers provide a great deal of inflation about driving behaviors, many of the people using the tracker devices prefer to do so covertly. This means they require the GPS tracker be hidden, and one of the places users connect a GPS device is under a vehicle.

Why Place GPS Trackers Under Vehicles

One of the most impressive features of popular data loggers such as GPS Tracking Key and real-time GPS trackers such as SilverCloud is that the engineers who developed the devices spent a significant amount of time dedicated to the production and efficiency of the internal antennas. The brains behind these popular trackers realized early on that most users of vehicle tracker equipment would not opt for the same type of placement location of GPS navigational technology, which is commonly the front dashboard. They realized that many users would prefer placement locations that were more covert. Therefore, years of engineering went into the making of these GPS trackers to make them capable of receiving GPS signals in very tough placement locations. One of those placement locations was even underneath a target automobile. The under carriage of a automobile is a great location to place a GPS tracking device because most car drivers never look underneath their vehicle, the location allows for quality GPS devices to obtain GPS signals that reflect off of the ground and a tracker can easily be attached to this region without much hassle thereby creating a covert monitoring option. This is the reason why so many law enforcement agencies opt to attach portable GPS tracking devices underneath a target car when conducting surveillance operations. It is important to note that not all GPS devices can be placed under a vehicle because only certain types of units are engineered for this purpose. Therefore, it is important to speak with any GPS provider about this placement option before investment if that is what the user intends.

Vehicle Trackers For Car Monitoring

Finding a GPS tracker for purchase is not as simple as going down to the local retail outlet and visiting the electronics section of the store. GPS tracking devices are speciality items, often categorized as surveillance technology (alongside keystroke loggers and hidden camera equipment), making them a little more difficult to find. Not to mention, there are so many different features of GPS trackers, with some operating in real-time and others being data loggers, that it really takes a vehicle tracking specialist or fleet management expert to help consumers identify the monitoring solution best fit for their particular GPS tracking application. That is why people trying to figure out where to buy a car tracking device should contact the sales associates at GPS Tracker Shop.
GPS Tracker Shop has staff employed who understand the needs of concerned parents wanting to track teen driving behaviors, or companies seeking to oversee employee driving habits. They understand that each user requires a different GPS tracker for a different reason. They also have years of experience working with satellite monitoring technology and consumers requiring a reliable vehicle management solution. "Our GPS experts have worked with companies and consumers to safeguard automotive assets and improve safety for years, and it has been our hand's on approach to dealing with each client's monitoring needs at the individual level that has helped our business sustain growth", explained a GPS Tracker Shop associate. "We take pride in troubleshooting with customers to find the best possible GPS vehicle tracker or personal GPS tracker available for that person or business."

GPS Tracker In Development

Introducing companies and families to the best GPS trackers on the market has always been the primary goal of everyone working for GPS Tracker Shop. That is why it is no surprise to find that every automotive and asset tracking solution offered through the company website is highly recommended by a number of reputable gadget and technology review sites. Although GPS Tracker Shop currently offers a couple award-winning GPS data loggers, the company headquartered in California has not had a passive device that was compatible with Apple products such as Mac computer systems. That means the present line of GPS data loggers can only function with Windows-based systems. Understanding that more businesses and families are investing in Apple products for computing, GPS Tracker Shop has teamed up with a manufacturer located in the Midwest to develop a GPS data logger that will function on a variety of Apple computing systems!

What To Expect From The New GPS Data Logger

The most sophisticated passive device currently available on the market is GPS Tracking Key Pro, another tracker that is only compatible with Windows-based operating systems and programs. Therefore, when technicians and engineers began creating the new data logger they used the GPS Tracking Key Pro as the blueprint. This is because the device offers a animated street map capable of offering historical playback, activity reports that break down daily travels and detailed satellite imagery using Google Earth. Therefore, once the engineering process is complete, consumers can expect a GPS tracker that operates and has features similar to that of the GPS Tracking Key Pro. Of course, a number of other upgrades in terms of antennas reception and things of that nature will also be part of the development. Since the new Apple-compatible data logger is still in its infancy stages in terms of it being a finished product, it is not known if the GPS tracker will work exclusively with Apple products or both Apple and Windows operating systems as a hybrid device. GPS Tracker Shop is committed to keeping its customers and online visitors in the know when it comes to the new GPS data logger. That is why as soon as more information becomes available regarding the new product, GPS Tracker Shop will update the technology blog with the most current news. Those interested in purchasing the new GPS vehicle tracker can expect a press release the moment the device is available.

GPS Tracker Designed For Businesses

GPS monitoring technology was once a tool primarily used among government agencies, and large corporations with a desire to observe fleet activity. Although police and large businesses continue to take advantage of real-time GPS trackers, many smaller businesses are now also using GPS for asset management. The reason for this increase in use is due to a number of factors such as:
  1. GPS trackers becoming more financially affordable
  2. Rise in gas prices has made many companies decide to better manage fuel consumption
  3. GPS tracking can result in a more efficient workforce
  4. Real-time GPS trackers provide auto-theft security, and a way to safeguard valuable assets/equipment

GPS Tracking: Providing Businesses Instant Answers

When most people probably think of business applications for GPS devices they think either of navigational uses, or employee monitoring. Although navigational GPS technology can shorten route times and employee monitoring can ensure drivers are not abusing company time, GPS trackers can be used for an assortment of other applications that can help a business be more profitable. For example, GPS tracking devices can determine excessive vehicle idling, if drivers are failing to make certain stops, whether employees are speeding, if equipment is moved without authorization and a number of other things related to asset management and vehicle tracking activity. The reality is that the economy has been slow to gain speed and therefore it is more challenging to make a dollar in today's market. Businesses can no longer rely on the old way of doing business and instead need to adapt to the changing times. That means an increased use of technological tools to enhance efficiency and reduce or eliminate things that are costing a company money. GPS tracking devices are providing the answer to many of the challenges businesses all across the United States are dealing with on a daily basis. These challenges include making certain employees are not misusing company vehicles, conducting the work they agreed upon completing, reducing fuel consumption, protecting automotive assets and so much more. With so much at stake and GPS trackers constantly increasing in efficiency and decreasing in cost it is only a matter of time before all company vehicles are outfitted with some form of GPS car tracker.

Popular Breed Of Dog Goes High-Tech

One of the most popular breeds of dog is the Yorkshire Terrier. A small, frisky little breed of dog that is mostly viewed as an indoor house pet, the yorky has grown in popularity recently as celebrities are now constantly being photographed by paparazzi carrying the little furry accessory. Celebrities such as Orlando Bloom, Donnie Osmond, Missy Elliot, Hilary Duff, Britney Spears and more all consider their yorkies family members. Yorkshire Terriers have some common characteristics such as being bossy, loud, alpha-centric and expensive. Although the dogs are great little companions full of love, the high costs associated with the purchase of a yorky have made the breed of dog a frequent target by thieves looking to cash in on the profitable pets. Looking to protect their Yorkshire Terriers, many dog owners are now increasing pet security by investing in GPS tracker collars to keep their little loved ones safe.

GPS Tracker Collars For Yorkshire Terriers

Every pet owner, or at least every good pet owner, will place a collar on their dog that has current information about the pet. The information includes the dog’s name, address of residence and contact number of the dog owner. Many other pet owners will also go the extra mile by micro-chipping the pet as well. Unfortunately for many Yorkshire Terrier owners, if their dog gets lost or runs away people who find this particular breed of dog will often not return the animal, instead opting to resell the animal on the Internet through popular sites such as Craigslist. This is because the dogs are a high-demand breed and can fetch a thief good amount of money. However, one solution has come for many Yorkshire Terrier owners in the form of GPS tracker collars. If a pet gets lost it is crucial to find the missing animal as quickly as possible for the more time that passes the more difficult it becomes to safely recover that furry loved one. This is because lost pets can get hit by a car, attacked by a coyote or some other predator late at night or find themselves in any other number of potential dangerous situations. That is what makes the application of pet tracking through the use of GPS so advantageous: it allows pet owners to quickly locate their missing pets so they can safely retrieve them. So this is how the process of GPS tracking a pet works:
  1. Pet Owners Places GPS Collar On Yorkshire Terrier
  2. GPS Collar Transmits Real-Time Locations
  3. If The Pet Gets Lost The Owner Can Go Online To See Where The Missing Pet Is Located
  4. Owner Can Go Pick Up Missing Pet Safely
Yorkshire Terriers are a loveable breed oozing with personality and that is why when a pet owner loses their precious loved one it feels like a family member went missing. GPS tracking collars are offering assistance by monitoring dogs with real-time GPS tracking, technology that can literally save a pet's life!

Law Enforcement Professional-Grade GPS Systems

Recently, the Supreme Court of the United States of America made a ground-breaking ruling when it comes to the law enforcement use of GPS trackers. What the judges decided was that police had to first obtain a warrant if they wanted to place a GPS tracker on the automobile of a potential criminal suspect. After the ruling, it is estimated the federal agents working for the F.B.I. had to remove nearly 3,000 tracking systems that were placed on the vehicles of potential criminals. This is because a warrant was not obtained before those tracker devices were placed on the automobiles. Although the use of GPS trackers among government and law enforcement agencies has undergone many changes since the Supreme Court decision, the application of professional-grade GPS tracking devices to monitor criminal activity will not stop anytime soon.

GPS Trackers: Why Government Agencies Use Them

At first glance, the thought of government agencies using GPS trackers sounds like a horrible invasion of privacy by Big Brother. However, many civilians do not understand the massive budget cuts that are impacting government agencies such as the Bureau of Land Management, Federal Bureau of Investigation and other federally-funded organizations. When monetary resources are dried up, agencies have a much more difficult time fighting crime and maintaining security. GPS trackers help these law enforcement agencies by giving the good guys the ability to monitor numerous potential arsonists, poachers, drug traffickers and other criminals, even in the face of financial strain. That is why although the Supreme Court decision will force law enforcement to go through new procedural challenges in order to place a GPS vehicle tracker on a potential criminal's automobile, it will not stop police from using GPS tracking systems. "Police work is not easy and when budgets are being cut it makes the work that much more challenging", stated a GPS specialist who works with numerous government agencies. "GPS trackers are able to bridge that gap by allowing police to still conduct surveillance and build evidence against criminals but without as many man hours. This allows police to still do an effective job without too much investment." Businesses and consumers can access the same type of GPS car tracking technology used by law enforcement but it most be noted that these devices must not be used to violate the rights of others.

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