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Relationship Verification GPS Trackers Change World

For as long as there have been people in romantic relationships, there have been people cheating on their significant others. Cheating is one of the main causes for early termination of a relationship because nobody wants to get some disgusting sexually transmitted disease or worse. Cheating shows a lack of character and a complete disregard for the significant other’s feelings. Although there really is no way to stop a person from cheating, catching a cheater has gotten a whole lot easier thanks to the advancement of GPS tracker devices designed specifically for relationship verification.
Imagine if your significant other began receiving strange text messages late at night, began being secretive about social network activity or staying out later and later. Although these types of behaviors do not necessarily equate to cheating, they are widely recognized as some of the warning signs that cheating could potentially be occurring. Today, people who believe infidelity may be looming in their relationship are fighting back through the use of GPS vehicle tracking equipment. Any person in a relationship questioning the fidelity of a partner has probably heard the "oh she is just an old friend of mine" story. Or how about their partner becoming increasingly private, changing work habits, spending more time online, using apps popular among cheaters such as SnapChat or any of the other red flags people commonly associate with cheating? Well anyone who has been in this situation before understands that the most important thing is getting truthful and honest answers, making the use of GPS tracking devices increasingly popular among those who suspect a partner of cheating. The reason is because GPS tracking devices can determine everywhere a vehicle goes, the length of time that vehicle was at a particular location and of course various other locational data such as addresses a person arrived or departed. Basically, data that can provide concrete answers about where a person was at and if they are lying about their comings and goings. Relationships in a digital age can certainly present more challenges and opportunities for infidelity but through the use of GPS tracking at least people in relationships can get the answers they want.

Supreme Court GPS Decision Makes Little Impact

When police suspected a local man of being a drug trafficker the law enforcement authorities decided to place a GPS tracker on his vehicle to find out what exactly he was doing and where he was going. The GPS tracker became instrumental in helping the police gather evidence that showed the man was indeed trafficking large amounts of illegal drugs.
After local courts handed down a verdict of life in prison to the drug trafficker it was made public that police did not first obtain a warrant before placing the GPS tracker on his vehicle. The same GPS tracker that was so vital in exposing the illegal activity. In a last ditch effort to avoid spending the remainder of his life in jail, the man appealed the case all the way to the United States Supreme Court. The case became widely publicized due to the increased prevalence of GPS tracking technology, including in popular smart phones such as the iPhone that would store personal locational data. Although the case reached the very highest courts, the decision was still a very closely decided 5-4 vote stating that law enforcement agencies must be first required to obtain a warrant from a judge before they can place a GPS vehicle tracker on a automobile for surveillance purposes. "The Supreme Court case regarding police use of GPS tracking hardware for surveillance was fairly ground breaking because before this multiple states ruled differently on the practice of GPS tracking, leaving many people to wonder what was actually the most appropriate avenue for monitoring potential criminal suspects", said a security professional for GPS Tracker Shop. "Although the Supreme Court decision will make it essentially mandatory that police departments first acquire a warrant before placing a GPS car tracker on a vehicle it certainly will not slow down the use of vehicle tracking hardware."

GPS Tracking Cars Saves Money

With the ruling it now appears clear that law enforcement will need to follow a more strict protocol before implementing any strategy that uses GPS tracking, but it in no way will reduce the use of the surveillance technology. This is because GPS tracking saves police agencies and taxpayers money. By not putting uniformed officers out in the field to track potential criminals and instead using a real-time GPS it substantially reduces the cost of long-term accurate surveillance. This is simply another reason the trend of using GPS tracking will continue to rise among law enforcement agencies that are constantly feeling cash strapped.

Recording Bike Routes With GPS

In the Southern California city of Murrieta, many people choose to get their exercise through riding mountain bikes. With the temperatures being ideal nearly all year long, and various trails located throughout the region, choosing to mountain bike over paying for a gym membership only makes sense. With so many people now familiar with mapping programs such as Google Earth, mountain bikers everywhere have begun using GPS data loggers to record their biking travel history. That is why the GPS Tracker Shop fleet tracking specialists decided to provide information on the most popular passive tracker among mountain bikers in Murrieta, GPS Tracking Key Pro. Riding a mountain bike can be great for relaxation or exercise, and that is why so many people pick-up the outdoor hobby. However, once riders begin to advance and strengthen their biking skills, many choose to invest in a device capable of recording their biking adventures. This is why so many mountain bikers have been purchasing GPS trackers such as the GPS Tracking Key Pro. Originally designed for vehicle tracking applications, the GPS Tracking Key Pro has become popular among mountain bikers because of the compact size of the device, second-by-second GPS tracking positional updating and relatively cheap cost. The device can easily and comfortably rest in a pocket, or magnetically attach to the cyclist's mountain bike. After the mountain biker returns home from their ride, they simply need to connect the tracker device to a personal computer using a USB cable (USB cable comes with GPS device). Once the GPS tracker data is downloaded it can then be displayed in a simple to analyze format using Google Earth, giving the mountain biker amazing satellite image and three dimensional methods of viewing biking adventures. Cycling and mountain bike riding is certainly an excellent way to stay in shape, enjoy the outdoors or simply relax. GPS tracking is now adding to that experience by providing bike riders an easy way to calculate miles traveled, speed and a variety of other data related to cycling adventures!

GPS Tracking Key Featured In Airline Catalog

Have you recently been a airline passenger and flipped through one of those SkyMall catalogs stuffed inside the back pouch of the seat in front of you? If you did, then you probably saw a popular GPS vehicle tracker system known as the GPS Tracking Key. When people choose air transportation as their method of travel they are basically setting themselves up with time to kill. Air travel can be boring and time-consuming, regardless of  where the traveler is flying too. Therefore, many airline passengers will read tp pass some time, making those airline catalogs a more entertaining form of literature than they would normally be. Many of the products in these catalogs are sometimes drastically over-priced, but that by no means diminishes the quality of some of these unique products such as the popular GPS tracker.

GPS Personal Tracking

GPS trackers have recently become very popular among suburban families interested in monitoring teen drivers, and local small businesses wanting to uncover the driving activity of company drivers. That is why a GPS vehicle tracker such as the GPS Tracking Key is so intriguing to many airline passengers who discover the gadget while combing through those SkyMall magazines. Throw in the fact that the tracking device has no activation or service fees, a magnet that gives people the ability to connect the car tracker to the outside of a automobile and the device's compact size that makes it easy to hide on a car; and the end result is a product that an assortment of people could benefit from using. "Affordable and reliable GPS trackers such as the GPS Tracking Key are helping people boost family safety, business vehicle management and so much more", stated a fleet tracking specialist for GPS Tracker Shop. "Although the tracking device is an amazing tool, consumers are best served avoiding a purchase through online catalogs found on airplanes because of the outrageous retail pricing and cost of shipping." Those interested in learning more about the GPS Tracking Key which has been prominently featured in the airplane magazine publication of SkyMall can contact a representative at GPS Tracker Shop for more information.

GPS Tracking Solutions

Working in the GPS tracking industry, we come across a variety of individuals interested in GPS vehicle tracker technology for fleet management, theft recovery, personal monitoring, personal safety and more. Some people contact us with an extensive understanding of satellite and cellular technologies, while others have very limited knowledge about what a tracking device is and how it works. Often times people feel embarrassed about asking simple questions when it comes to technological products, that is why we are here to answer the very easiest questions surrounding GPS tracking technology:

“What is a GPS tracking device?”

GPS tracking device refers to a GPS receiver that captures low-level radio signals being transmitted from the network of a satellites orbiting the Earth. The GPS receiver is able to calculate stops made, driver speeds, altitude, time en route, time departed and a variety of other geo-locational data from the information obtained from the satellite signals. The GPS tracker will then either store the information to internal memory (passive technology), or transmit the data over a wireless network to server where it can be viewed remotely (real-time or active). GPS tracking devices are commonly used among parents seeking a way to access driving data about their newly licensed teen drivers to make sure they are driving a safe speed or not visiting locations deemed unsafe, businesses who want to manage a fleet of vehicles for fuel efficiency and productivity or any automotive, boat or heavy equipment owner seeking to safeguard their assets. The list of users for GPS tracking device technology is long and continues to grow as the systems are now even being used in nursing homes to monitor wandering seniors, tracking adventurous routes by outdoor enthusiasts or surveillance among police agencies looking to track a potential criminal suspect.

Tips To Recovering Your Missing iPhone 5

Smart phones have truly replaced dogs as man's best friend. This is because in a mobile technology era smart phones are the sidekicks to our daily work and personal lives. Smart phones allow us to send and receive emails, update our Facebook statuses (I'm at the mall!), send out tweets (The mall sucks today #mall), perform online banking work and literally about another thousand functions. Oh did we mention they are also used to place phone calls? Smart phones make our lives more simple while keeping us more connected to the world. This is why it is a pretty big deal when someone loses or has their smart phone stolen. Here are some tips for iPhone 5 owners to take once they discover their smart phone has gone missing. The first sensation a person has once they realize their iPhone 5 is missing is likely panic. This is because almost a person's entire life can be stored on this technological marvel. Digital photographs, emails, contacts and so much more personal information is housed on the average cell phone. That means if the cellular gadget goes missing it can likely be quite the inconvenience. However, life has a way of throwing us curve balls and the best thing we can do is learn the best ways to hit those curve balls out of the park when they are tossed in our direction. All iPhone 5 users should have an app downloaded called "Find My iPhone" on their smart phone. This will pull up the location of the smart phone using GPS tracking. However, many fast-thinking thieves will disable this monitoring app so that when the user tries to activate the GPS tracking service they will receive a "Device not found" error message. This means additional security measures must be utilized. Another locational based service app that uses GPS tracking that all iPhone 5 users should have downloaded is Google Latitude. This tracking app monitors and displays locational data of friends, family members and others invited to the GPS tracking party. Google Latitude is actually a wonderful tracking app for personal safety as it allows family members to observe where loved ones are at if an emergency situation ever occurs. This app can also be activated remotely if a person loses their iPhone 5 allowing that user to locate the missing property. Mobile apps that use GPS locational and tracking technology are great ways to recover stolen mobile devices but it is important that these apps be installed prior to the mobile phone disappearing! That means being proactive. People who did not install this equipment on their phones ahead of time will likely not recover their mobile phone. Also, please note that any persons who believe that their device was stolen or even if it were lost should contact local law enforcement and file a report.  

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